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Power Organizations’ Personnel Registers (as of now)

The ROK Ministry of Unification [MOU] recently provided an update to the personnel of North Korea’s power organizations.  Below, please find a selection of power organizations and their current personnel.


Political Bureau 



Choe Ryong Hae (SPA Chairman) 

Kim Tok Hun (Premier) 

Jo Yong Won (WPK Organization) 

Pak Jong Chon (WPK CMC and Military Affairs) 



Ri Il Hwan (WPK PAD and Workers’ Organizations) 

Jong Song Hak (WPK Central Auditing Commission) 

O Su Yong (WPK Economic Affairs) 

Thae Hyong Chol (WPK Science Education) 

Kim Jae Ryong (WPK OGD Director) 

O Il Jong (WPK MAD Director) 

Kim Yong Chol (WPK UFD Director) 

Ri Yong Gil (KPA MPAF) 

Kwon Yong Jin (KPA GPB) 

Jong Kyong Thaek (SSD) 

Pak Jong Gun (Vice Premier and State Planning Commission) 


Alternate Members  (candidate members)

Ho Chol Man (WPK CAD Director) 

Pak Thae Dok (WPK Investigations Department Director) 

Kim Hyong Sik (WPK Justice Department Director) 

Yu Jin (WPK MID Director) 

Pak Myong Son (WPK LID Director) 

Ri Chol Man (WPK Agriculture Department Director) 

Rim Kwang Il (KPA-GSD)

Kim Song Nam (WPK IAD Director) 

Jon Hyon Chol (DPRK Vice Premier) 

Yang Sung Ho (DPRK Vice Premier) 

Ju Chol Gyu (Agricultural Commission Chairman) 

Ri Son Gwon (Foreign Minister) 

Ri Thae Sop (MPS) 

U Sang Chol (Central Procurators Office) 

Kim Yong Hwan (Pyongyang WPK Committee) 


Photo: Rodong Sinmun


State Affairs Commission 


Choe Ryong Hae (1st Vice President)–SPA Chairman 

Kim Tok Hun (Vice President)–DPRK Premier 



Jo Yong Won (WPK Secretary for Organization) 

Pak Jong Chon (WPK Secretary for Military Affairs) 

O Su Yong (WPK Secretary for Economic Affairs) 

Kim Yong Chol (WPK UFD Director) 

Kim Song Nam (WPK IAD Director) 

Ri Yong Gil (MPAF) 

Jong Kyong Thaek (SSD) 

Ri Son Gwon (Foreign Minister) 

Kim Yo Jong (Personal Secretariat) 

Ri Thae Sop (MPS) 

Kim Jong Un presides over the first meeting of the WPK’s 8th Central Military Commission in Pyongyang on 24 February 2021 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun).

Central Military Commission 


Pak Jong Chon (Vice Chairman)–WPK Secretary for Military Affairs 



Jo Yong Won (WPK Secretary for Organization) 

O Il Jong (WPK MAD Director) 

Kim Jo Guk (WPK OGD Deputy Director) 

Kang Sun Nam (WPK CD Director) 

Kwon Yong Jin (KPA GPB) 

Jong Kyong Thaek (SSD) 

Ri Yong Gil (MPAF) 

Rim Kwang Il (KPA GSD) 

Yu Jin (WPK MID Director) 

Ri Thae Sop (MPS) 



Jo Yong Won (WPK Secretary for Organization) 

Pak Jong Chon (Central Military Commission—-> WPK Secretary for Military Affairs) 

Jong Song Hak (Central Auditing Commission) 

O Su Yong (WPK Secretary and Department Director for Economic Affairs) 

Ri Il Hwan (WPK Secretary for PAD and Workers’ and Social Organizations) 

Thae Hyong Chol (WPK Secretary and Department Director for Science Education) 


Central Committee Departments and Directors 

Organization Guidance Department [OGD]: Kim Jae Ryong 

Propaganda and Agitation Department [PAD]: Ju Chang Il 

Cadres’ Affairs Department [CAD]: Ho Chol Man 

Light Industry Department [LID]: Pak Myong Son 

Economic Affairs Department [EAD]: O Su Yong 

Science Education Department [SED]: Thae Hyong Chol 

International Affairs Department [IAD]: Kim Song Nam 

Munitions Industry Department [MID]: Yu Jin 

Military Affairs Department [MAD]: O Il Jong 

Discipline and Investigations Department [DID]: Pak Thae Dok 

Workers’ and Social Organizations Department: Ri Tu Song 

Agriculture Department: Ri Chol Man 

Party History Institute [PHI]: Kim Yong Kwang 

Document Archives: Pak Jong Nam 

Civil Defense Department [CD]: Kang Sun Nam 

Arts and Culture [AC] Department: Unknown 

Justice [JD] Department: Kim Hyong Sik 

Finance and Accounting Department [FAD]: Kim Yong Su 

General Affairs Department [GAD]: Unknown 

United Front Department [UFD]: Kim Yong Chol 

Office #39: Sin Ryong Man 

Economic Policy Inspection Department: Unknown (presumed O Su Yong) 

Provincial Party Committee Chief Secretaries 

Kim Yong Hwan (Pyongyang) 

Ri Jae Nam (Namp’o) 

Jang Yong Rok (Kaeso’ng) 

Sin Yong Chol (Raso’n) 

An Kum Chol (South P’yo’ngan) 

Mun Kyong Dok (North P’yo’ngan) 

Pak Song Chol (South Hwanghae) 

Pak Chang Ho (North Hwanghae) 

Ri Jong Nam (South Hamgyo’ng) 

Kim Chol Sam (North Hamgyo’ng) 

Kang Pong Hun (Chagang) 

Kim Su Gil (Kangwo’n) 

Ri Thae Il (Yanggang) 




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