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Jong Un’s Publicity Campaign

Jong Un’s Publicity Campaign

The DPRK is reportedly stepping up its publicity campaign in support of the hereditary succession of Kim Jong Un.  Previous reports about Jong Un propaganda efforts claimed that several million official portraits were produced for […]

Oct, 21

3rd Party Conference

The KWP Political Bureau (Politburo) announced on 26 June 2010 that it would convene a Party Conference or Meeting of Party Representatives.  According to two reports the conference will begin on 6 September, and end […]

Sep, 03
Urminzokkiri’s You Tube Channel

Urminzokkiri’s You Tube Channel

[youtube=]One of the DPRK’s official websites seems to have signed up for a YouTube account.  The channel “urminzokkiri” appeared on 14 July with video tributes to Kim Jong Il, denials of sinking the Cheonan, and […]

Aug, 10
Party Conference to Be Jong Un’s Quiet Succession?

Party Conference to Be Jong Un’s Quiet Succession?

The 3rd Party Conference (which may occur from 6 to 9 September) may be one event facilitating the hereditary succession system of Kim Jong Un (Kim Ch’ong-u’n; Kim Jong Eun).  Anonymous sources told Kyodo News […]

Aug, 09

September Party Conference Posters Appear

The KWP Publishing House has printed and released two (2) posters intended to promote the 3rd Party Conference (3rd Meeting of Party Representatives).  The Party Conference will be held in early September of this year, […]

Jul, 19

Kim Jong Il Statue

One of the only known images of a bronze statue of Kim Jong Il has surfaced.  Open Radio for North Korea published the photograph of the KJI statue, which appeared on the cover of the […]

Jul, 16

To All the Cadres Who’ve Been Purged Before

(With many thanks to Joe for sending this) Chosun Ilbo, citing Radio Free Asia, reports that the Publication (Press) Censorship Bureau has ordered that images and writings of recently executed or disappeared Party and state […]

Jul, 15


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