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DPRK Conducts 6th Nuclear Test

The DPRK conducted its sixth nuclear test at (NKST) on September 3 (Sunday).  According to the Nuclear Weapons Institute’s report: Scientists in the nuclear field of the DPRK successfully carried out a test of H-bomb […]

Sep, 04

DPRK Premier Goes to South Hwanghae Province

DPRK Choe Yong-rim visited cooperative farms and production sites in South Hwanghae Province between 13 and 15 May.  KCNA also reported that Choe visited Hamhu’ng, South Hamgyo’ng, where he toured and conducted meetings at the […]

May, 18

Footsteps and Insteps

Has Kim Cho’ng-il changed his shoes? Around 12 May [Thursday] Kim Cho’ng-il was reported to have visited Kujang Fish Farm.  Yonhap reports on the photograph released of his visit: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il […]

May, 17

May Day Celebrations

DPRK Premier Choe Yong-rim visited the Namhu’ng Youth Chemical Complex in South P’yo’ngan (South Phyongan).  On 1 May [Sunday] Choe delivered the report at a national meeting held for the 121st May Day, which in […]

May, 05


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