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May Day Celebrations

DPRK Premier Choe Yong-rim begins a tug-of-war contest at the Namhu'ng Youth Chemical Complex in South P'yo'ngan Province on 1 May 2011 (Photo: KCNA)

Workers and officials at a national report meeting, attended by members of the central leadership, at Namhu'ng Youth Chemical Complex on 1 May 2011 (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK Premier Choe Yong-rim visited the Namhu’ng Youth Chemical Complex in South P’yo’ngan (South Phyongan).  On 1 May [Sunday] Choe delivered the report at a national meeting held for the 121st May Day, which in part said:

The cause of the President who put forward the working people as the masters of the country and revolution and led the revolution and construction to victory by dint of their creative ingenuity and concerted efforts is being successfully carried forward and developed by leader Kim Jong Il, he noted.

Kim Jong Il has closely rallied the workers and other broad masses around the WPK with his politics of love and trust and benevolent politics and led to victory the popular masses’ cause of independence, the socialist cause with the might of single-minded unity, he said.

He pointed out that the working people have glorified the exciting annals of the Korean revolution with shining victories and feats under the wise leadership of the party and the leader.

He stressed the need to cherish the faith of juche and strong national self-esteem, maintain the revolutionary principle, the class principle, resolutely shatter the vicious ideological and cultural poisoning of the imperialists and further strengthen the political and ideological might of the Korean revolution.

Choe Yong-rim delivering the report at a national meeting on the 121st May Day, at Namhu'ng Youth Chemical Complex in South P'yo'ngan Province on 1 May 2011 (Photo: KCNA)

Two work unit teams play a game of volleyball, part of organized games and activities for May Day (Photo: KCNA)

The national meeting was one of several events held in the country on May Day.

Kim Yong Nam, Choe Yong Rim, Yang Hyong Sop and other senior party and state officials and officials of the Cabinet, ministries, national institutions, and local party and power bodies and working people’s organizations went to the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex, the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, the Migok Cooperative Farm in Sariwon City and other organs and industrial establishments and farms to congratulate the workers, agricultural workers and intellectuals on the day.

They laid bouquets before the statues of President Kim Il Sung, portraits of the smiling President and mosaics bearing the images of the peerlessly great persons.

They went round revolutionary museums showcasing the undying leadership history of the peerlessly great persons and rooms dedicated to history of relevant units.

They met and conversed with labor innovators who are performing feats in the drive to effect a great surge.

They joined working people playing colorful sports and amusement games such as tug-of-war, Korean chess and Yut game and enjoyed art performances.

DPRK Premier Choe Yong-rim tours the Namhu'ng Youth Chemical Complex, which was reported by DPRK media on 30 April 2011 (Photo: KCNA)

On 30 April [Saturday] KCNA reported that Choe visited the chemical complex, in addition to being briefed about the maintenance and upkeep on machines, based on the Lathe #26 Model Machine Movement.

He went round humic acid and moulding shops and other fertilizer production processes of the complex before having a consultative meeting.

The meeting underscored the important duty of the complex to bring about leaping progress on the agricultural front, the lifeline for improving the standard of people’s of living, and took measures for boosting the fertilizer production including those for updating the gasification project on the basis of ultra-modern science and technology and ensuring a timely and sufficient supply of raw materials and power by the related units.

Earlier, he learned in detail about the role of the Inspection Committee for Checking Equipment at the Pyongyang Textile Mill and the maintenance of equipment through the operation of the day of its inspection and the week and month for checking lathe No. 26 model machines on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the model machine movement started by leader Kim Jong Il.

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