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DPRK Premier Goes to South Hwanghae Province

DPRK Premier Choe Yong-rim visits a farm in South Hwanghae Province, as part of a tour there which KCNA reported as taking place during 13 to 15 May (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK Choe Yong-rim visited cooperative farms and production sites in South Hwanghae Province between 13 and 15 May.  KCNA also reported that Choe visited Hamhu’ng, South Hamgyo’ng, where he toured and conducted meetings at the 8 February Vinalon Complex, the Hu’ngnam Fertilizer Complex and the Yongso’ng Machine Complex.   KCNA reports:

He went round farms in several counties including Jaeryong, Kangryong, Yonan and Paechon and held consultative meetings at relevant units.

The important of the province in attaining the goal of grain output for this year was stressed at meetings and measures were taken for the Cabinet and relevant units to aid the farming in the province.

Earlier, Choe got familiarized himself with production and technological updating in major enterprises in Hamhung City.

He went round the February 8 Vinalon Complex, Ryongsong Machine Complex and Hungnam Fertilizer Complex and made some economic organization to implement important tasks given by leader Kim Jong Il during his field guidance.

Choe also made sure the measures were taken concerning technical matters after learning about the production at the Sunchon Cement Complex and the reclamation of Ryongmaedo Tideland.

North Korean Premier Choe Yong-rim (C wearing cap) visits the February 8 Vinalon Complex in South Hwanghae Province. The (North) Korean Central News Agency released the photo but did not elaborate on when the visit was made. (Yonhap)

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