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KCI opens KPA Sports Complex

Kim Cho’ng-il presided over the official opening of the 10,000 square meter (approximately 107, 600 square feet).  DPRK media reported KCI’s attendance at the opening ceremony on 4 May [Wednesday], but neither disclosed when the […]

May, 05

If I Were a Cadre and You Were a Lathe Machine Operator

DPRK media reported on 23 April that Kim Cho’ng-il made his first reported visit to the Najin Shipyard.  Yonhap reports: Kim “provided field guidance to the Rajin Shipyard” in the North’s northeastern port of Rajin, […]

Apr, 24
People’s Security Minister Meets VN Counterpart

People’s Security Minister Meets VN Counterpart

Minister of People’s Security, Yi Myo’ng-su [Ri Myong Su], has discharged one of his first public acts since his appointment to the position at the SPA on 7 April.  Yi was reported by DPRK media […]

Apr, 24

DPRK Premier Visits Yukyo’ng [Ryugyong] Hotel Site

DPRK Premier Ch’oe Yo’ng-nim visited the construction of the Yukyo’ng Hotel [Ryugyong Hotel].  DPRK press belatedly reported on 11 April [Monday] that Premier Ch’oe visited two locations in Pyongyang on 6 April [Wednesday] the day […]

Apr, 13

12th SPA’s 4th Session Elects New NDC Member, MPS

The 4th session (plenum) of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] convened Thursday [7 April] at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang.  Neither Kim Cho’ng-il nor Kim Cho’ng-u’n attended the meeting.  Defying the speculative pronouncements […]

Apr, 07

A Cadre Looks at 70

Wednesday [16 February] marked Kim Cho’ng-il’s birthday.  In the Party History Institute’s official chronicle, Kim Cho’ng-il was born February 1942 in a wooden house near Mt. Paektu.  Unofficial accounts say that KCI was born in […]

Feb, 17

KCI Meets PRC Public Security Minister

  Kim Cho’ng-il met with China’s Public Security Minister, Meng Jianzhu, who arrived in the DPRK on Sunday [13 February].  During his stay in the country, Meng has met with Kim Yo’ng-nam and KPA Chief […]

Feb, 15


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