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DPRK Premier Visits Yukyo’ng [Ryugyong] Hotel Site

DPRK Premier Ch'oe Yo'ng-nim (3rd R) tours the Central Light Industrial Sample Exhibition on 6 April 2011 in Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK Premier Ch’oe Yo’ng-nim visited the construction of the Yukyo’ng Hotel [Ryugyong Hotel].  DPRK press belatedly reported on 11 April [Monday] that Premier Ch’oe visited two locations in Pyongyang on 6 April [Wednesday] the day before the convocation of the 4th session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly.  Ch’oe first visit was a tour of a food exhibition of products from the country’s food factories.  KCNA reports:

The premier learned in detail about the variety and quality of products presented to the Central Light Industrial Sample Exhibition by the general food factories in provinces to mark the 2nd anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il’s field guidance to the Samilpho Special Products Factory that opened a wide avenue for development of the foodstuff industry.

He underlined the need to further perfect the production system based on locally-available raw materials and increase the food production, on the condition that modern food processing centers have been built in each province under the warm care of the Workers’ Party of Korea and thus fully meet the demands of the people for them.

On the same day, he acquainted himself with the construction of the Ryugyong Hotel on the spot.

The Ryugyong Hotel has been one of Orascom's projects in the DPRK since 2008 (Google image)

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