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4th Plenum of the the WPK Central Committee Held

View of the 4th plenary meeting of the WPK Central Committee in Pyongyang on April 10 2019 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun)

The fourth plenary session (plenum) of the 7th Term Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Central Committee [CC] was held in central Pyongyang on 10 April (Wednesday).  Kim Jong Un chaired and directed the meeting.

The first agenda item concerned “holding higher the banner of self reliance in the socialist construction.”  Jong Un delivered a report which “made a scientific analysis of the changed international landscape and the peculiarities of the present situation becoming daily acute and clarified the main tenor of the recent DPRK-US summit talks and the Party’s stand towards it.”  He underscored “the need to more vigorously advance socialist construction by dint of the self-supporting national economy suited to the specific local conditions of our country based on our efforts, technology and resources under the uplifted banner of self reliance, so as to deal a telling blow to the hostile forces who go around with bloodshot eyes miscalculating that sanctions can bring the DPRK to its knees.”

View of the Central Committee plenary session in Pyongyang on April 10, 2019 (Photo: KCNA/Rodong)

Kim Jong Un addresses the fourth plenary session of the 7th term Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee in Pyongyang on April 10, 2019 (Photo: Rodong/KCNA)

Kim Jong Un “reviewed and analyzed the successes and faults in the struggle for speeding up the socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance after the 7th Congress of the WPK, and set forth immediate objectives and tasks to be carried out without fail in further demonstrating the might of the self-supporting economy” and he “referred to the great achievements for socialist construction made in all the fields and regions and by units through the indomitable offensive under the banner of self-reliance and self-sufficiency in recent years.”

He noted that ” great progress was registered in the struggle to make the national economy Chuch’e-based and self-supporting and the reserved strength of the DPRK and tremendous potential of its independent economy were vividly demonstrated at home and abroad, adding that through the remarkable successes achieved in socialist construction he could keenly feel that our line was right over and over again.”  Jong Un stressed that “self-reliance and the self-supporting national economy are the bedrock of the existence of our own style socialism, the motive power of its advance and development and the eternal lifeline essential to the destiny of our revolution.”

Photo: KCNA/Rodong

Kim Jong Un noted that “first and foremost issue arising in accelerating socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance is to secure a sure guarantee for putting the national economy on a new phase of growth by expanding and reinforcing the foundation of self-supporting economy” and he “clarified in detail the immediate tasks for sectors of the national economy.”  He said that “officials in all fields and units should do their best for the development of science and education, bearing in mind that the success of relevant fields and units as well as the present and future of socialist construction depend on the thorough implementation of the Party’s policy of attaching importance to science and education and talents” and he made a special mention on “decisively enhancing the role of the Party organizations in the struggle to vigorously speed up the socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance.”

After the Chairman’s Report, meeting speakers ” extended unanimous and full support to the historic report of Kim Jong Un that clarified the immortal guidelines to be adhered to as the lifeline in the struggle for building the powerful socialist country.”

Kim Jong Un raises his hand to vote during the WPK Central Committee April 2019 plenary session (Photo: Rodong/KCNA)

The second agenda item concerned “a proposal for the formation of the state leadership bodies, including the State Affairs Commission, the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly and the Cabinet of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to be submitted to the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly,” which is a lengthy way of saying personnel appointments and statutory changes to the three pillars of the DPRK Government.  Kim Jong Un presented this “for discussion” and the WPK CC plenary meeting “decided with unanimous approval to submit the proposal to the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly.”

Members of the WPK Central Committee vote during the meeting (Photo: KCNA/Rodong)

Then the WPK Central Committee meeting “discussed the organizational affairs” in which some of our favorite party organizations were “de-established” and underwent personnel housecleaning.

Kim Jae Ryong, Ri Man Gon and Choe Hwi were elected members of the WPK Central Committee Political Bureau on April 10, 2019 (Photo: Rodong)

Pak Thae Dok, Gen. Kim Su Gil, Thae Hyong Chol and Col. Gen. Jong Kyong Thaek were elected members of the WPK Central Committee Political Bureau on April 10, 2019 (Photo: Rodong)

Elected as full members of the WPK Political Bureau were: Kim Jae Ryong (Kim Ch’ae-ryong), Ri Man Gon (Ri Man-ko’n), Choe Hwi (Ch’oe Hwi), Pak Thae Dok (Pak T’ae-tok), General Kim Su Gil (Kim Su-kil), Thae Hyong Chol (T’ae Hyo’ng-ch’o’l), and Colonel-General Jong Kyong Thaek (Cho’ng Kyo’ng-t’aek).

Jo Yong Won, Kim Tok Hun, Ri Ryong Nam, Pak Jong Nam, Ri Hi Yong and Jo Chun Ryong were elected alternate members of the WPK Political Bureau on April 10, 2019 (Photo: Rodong )

Elected as alternate (candidate) members of the WPK Political Bureau were: Jo Yong Won (Cho Yo’ng-wo’n), Kim Tok Hun (Kim Tok-hun), Ri Ryong Nam (Ri Ryong-nam), Pak Jong Nam (Pak Cho’ng-nam), Ri Hi Yong (Ri Hi-yo’ng) and Jo Chun Ryong (Cho Ch’un-ryong).

Members of the WPK Central Committee itself (this is awkward) and the WPK Central Auditing Commission were recalled and elected, or elevated.

Pak Pong Ju and Ri Man Gon were appointed WPK Vice Chairmen.

The Party Central Military Commission [CMC] had a housecleaning.  Kim Jae Ryong, Ri Man Gon, Thae Jong Su (T’ae Cho’ng-su) and Kim Jo Guk (Kim Cho-kuk) were elected CMC members.

Some of the WPK Central Committee Department Directors and Senior Deputy Directors were removed from office or assigned other positions.  Ri Man Gon, Jang Kum Chol (Chang Kum-ch’o’l) and Kim Tong Il (Kim To’ng-il) were appointed department directors.  Jo Yong Won, Kim Jo Guk and Kim Yong Su (Kim Yo’ng-su) were appointed to the position of 1st Vice (Senior Deputy) Department Director.

Finally, the WPK’s provincial party committees saw four personnel changes: Kang Pong Hun (kang Pong-hun) was appointed Chairman of the Chagang Provincial WPK Committee; Pak Chang Ho (Pak Chang-ho) was appointed Chairman of the North Hwanghae Provincial WPK Committee;  Ri Chol Man (Ri Ch’o’l-man) was appointed Chairman of the South Hwanghae WPK Committee; and, Kim Chol Sam (Kim Ch’o’l-sam) was appointed Chairman of the Namp’o WPK City Committee.

Kim Jong Un wrapped things up with some remarks.  According to KCNA:


He emphasized some issues arising in applying the revolutionary stand and the principle of self-reliance.

First of all, he underlined the need to make a clear understanding of the intention of the Party Central Committee which raised the issue of holding higher the banner of self-reliance as the main agenda of the current plenary meeting.

He stressed that the basic spirit of the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Party Central Committee is that the entire party, the whole country and all the people should courageously wage an all-out death-defying campaign to bring about a great surge in socialist construction by taking self-reliance as a treasured sword of prosperity today when the building of an economic power is raised as the main political task.

He underlined the need to vigorously wage a grand advance for attaining the goals of economic construction set forth by the plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee to give full play to the offensive stamina of the country and confidently switch over to a new stage of growth.

He also emphasized the importance of duty and role of the officials in properly drawing up the strategy of self-reliance and organizing all work on a scientific basis.

He stressed the need for the party organizations and working people’s organizations to dynamically wage the political work for powerfully arousing all the party members and other working people to the grand march of self-reliance and thus make the whole country seethe with a new revolutionary atmosphere.

To thoroughly establish the socialist lifestyle is an important work for maintaining the Juche character and national identity and preserving the true nature of socialism and giving full play to its advantages in the field of cultural life, he said. He advanced the tasks facing the party organizations and officials in the struggle to do so.

He expressed the expectation and conviction that all the officials, party members and other working people would vigorously wage the grand march of self-reliance to successfully attain the goals of struggle set forth by the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Party Central Committee and thus achieve a new development in socialist construction and powerfully demonstrate once again the might of the country winning victory after victory with the might of self-development.







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