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Kim Jong Un Resurfaces

When a train crossed the DPRK-PRC border on 26 May, the occupant was said to be Kim Cho’ng-u’n.  Pyongyang watchers widely anticipated the hereditary successor’s sojourn to the PRC in 2011, similar to Kim Cho’ng-il’s […]

May, 30

Footsteps and Insteps

Has Kim Cho’ng-il changed his shoes? Around 12 May [Thursday] Kim Cho’ng-il was reported to have visited Kujang Fish Farm.  Yonhap reports on the photograph released of his visit: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il […]

May, 17

If I Were a Cadre and You Were a Lathe Machine Operator

DPRK media reported on 23 April that Kim Cho’ng-il made his first reported visit to the Najin Shipyard.  Yonhap reports: Kim “provided field guidance to the Rajin Shipyard” in the North’s northeastern port of Rajin, […]

Apr, 24

DPRK Premier Visits Yukyo’ng [Ryugyong] Hotel Site

DPRK Premier Ch’oe Yo’ng-nim visited the construction of the Yukyo’ng Hotel [Ryugyong Hotel].  DPRK press belatedly reported on 11 April [Monday] that Premier Ch’oe visited two locations in Pyongyang on 6 April [Wednesday] the day […]

Apr, 13

The Center’s First Appearances in 2011

Kim Chong-il has made his first public appearances of 2011.  On 12 January (Wednesday) the DPRK media reported that he toured the recently constructed Nampo Glass Bottle Factory.  On 14 January (Friday) KCNA reported that […]

Jan, 16

KJI’s 148 Guidance Tours (so far) in 2010

According to the ROK Unification Ministry, Kim Chong-il has made 148 visits in 2010. 58 of those tours were to economic locales in the DPRK.  KCI has been reported by the DPRK media as having […]

Dec, 07
Pak Pong Ju’s Return

Pak Pong Ju’s Return

Technocrat Pak Pong Ju, who served as DPRK Premier from 2003 to 2007, has taken the position of deputy (vice) director of the CC KWP Light Industry Department.  His presence at the 50th anniversary of […]

Aug, 23


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