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Central Report Meeting Marks 24th anniversary of KJI’s Election as NDC Chairman

  A central report meeting commemorating the 24th anniversary of late DPRK leader Kim Jong Il’s (Kim Cho’ng-il) election as chairman of the National Defense Commission [NDC] was held at the April 25 House of […]

Apr, 10

Kim Jong Un Visits Pyongyang Defense Command HQ

KJU’s last observed appearance was his attendance at the Merited State Choir’s 70th anniversary concert on February 22 DPRK state media reported on March 1 (Wednesday) that Kim Jong Un visited and inspected the headquarters […]

Mar, 01

Kim Jong Un Attends Merited State Choir Anniversary Concert

KJU’s last observed appearance was his visit to Samch’o’n Catfish Farm Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) attended the 70th anniversary concert of the State Merited Chorus (Merited State Choir) at the People’s Theater in central […]

Feb, 24

KPA Anniversary Commemorated

A meeting of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] high command was held at the teaching hall of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces office complex on February 7 (Tuesday) to commemorate the KPA’s historical […]

Feb, 08

Conferences Held to Elect Delegates to 7th Party Congress and Provincial Party Meetings

The Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Committee of the Korean People’s Army [KPA] Conference was held at the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces [MPAF] teaching hall in Pyongyang during April 12 (Tuesday) and April […]

Apr, 16

Central Report Meeting Held to Mark KIS’ 104th Birth Anniversary

A central report meeting marking the 104th birth anniversary (Sun’s Day) of late DPRK President and founder Kim Il Sung (Kim Il-so’ng) was held at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium during the afternoon on April 14 (Thursday). […]

Apr, 15

Joint Slogans Announced for 7th Party Congress

Ideological joint slogans of the Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Central Committee and the WPK Central Military Commission were published on February 17 in the run-up to the 7th Party Congress in May. ¬†According to […]

Feb, 18


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