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KJU Visits Ku’msusan to mark KJI Demise

Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) and senior DPRK officials visited Ku’msusan Palace of the Sun on 17 December (Thursday) to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the death of his father, late leader Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il).  Among the visitors were: Choe Ryong Hae (Ch’oe Ryong-hae), MAR Ri Pyong Chol (Ri Pyo’ng-ch’o’l), Pak Pong Ju (Pak Pong-chu), MAR Pak Jong Chon (Pak Cho’ng-chon), Kim Tok Hun (Kim Tok-hun), Gen. Kim Su Gil (Kim Su-kil), Kim Jae Ryong (Kim Ch’ae-ryong), Kim Yong Chol (Kim Yo’ng-ch’o’l), Kim Yo Jong (Kim Yo’-cho’ng), Jo Yong Won (Cho Yo’ng-wo’n), O Su Yong (O Su-yo’ng), Choe Pu Il (Ch’oe Pu-il), Pak Myong Son (Pak Myong-son), Thae Hyong Chol (T’ae Hyong-ch’o’l), Col. Gen. Jong Kyong Thaek (Cho’ng Kyo’ng-t’aek), Pak Thae Dok (Pak T’ae-dok), Kim Hyong Jun (Kim Hyong-chun), Im Chol Ung (Im Ch’o’l-ung), Ri Ju O (Ri Chu-o), Kim Il Chol (Kim Il-ch’o’l) and Ko In Ho (Ko In-ho).**

Floral baskets from KJU, the Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] Central Committee, the State Affairs Commission [SAC], the Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] Presidium and DPRK Cabinet were placed before the Kim Il Sung and KJI statues.  Kim Jong Un and the other visitors “paid high tribute to the statues.”

The group moved onto the chamber where Kim Jong Il’s preserved remains lie in state.  Kim Jong Un “made a deep bow in reverence for him who dedicated his whole life to the country and people with warm love and devotion ’til the last moments of his revolutionary life and glorified the dignified, great and ever-victorious Party and the country of single-minded unity all over the world.”

The senior DPRK officials visiting Ku’msusan “vowed to firmly defend and add luster to the idea and feats of Kim Jong Il and fulfill their heavy duty in the sacred struggle for a fresh victory of the socialist cause under the leadership of the Supreme Leader.”


**Some officials not observed in attendance include KWP Vice Chairman and Propaganda and Agitation (publicity and information) Director Ri Il Hwan, KWP Vice Chairman Choe Hwi (Ch’oe Hwi), Minister of the People’s Armed Forced Gen. Kim Jong Gwan (Kim Cho’ng-gwan) and Minister of Public (people’s) Security Kim Jong Ho (Kim Cho’ng-ho)**


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