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Another Hwang Plot

Another Hwang Plot

ROK authorities have arrested another man accused of posing as a defector to gain entry into ROK to assassinate Hwang Jang Yop.  Hwang was the most senior DPRK official to defect to the ROK.  He […]

Oct, 21
Party Conference a Coronation?

Party Conference a Coronation?

The 3rd Party Conference (which may begin on 6 September) is one event that will facilitate the leadership system which will eventually replace Kim Jong Il at the power center.  It is not clear to […]

Aug, 11
4th UN Command-KPA Meeting

4th UN Command-KPA Meeting

The 4th round of colonel-level talks at Panmunjom between the UN Command and the KPA concluded.  A 5th round of of these working-level field grade talks was deemed necessary before general-level talks are convened. Officials […]

Aug, 10

KPA Fires Artillery Shells in West Sea, Captures Fishing Boat in East

The Korean People’s Army punctuated the ROK military’s defensive anti-submarine drills held in the West (Yellow) Sea, by firing 130 artillery shells near the NLL.  The KPA western zone command issued a notice last week […]

Aug, 09

New DPRK Warship on GE?

Yonhap reports that a new DPRK warship was discovered on a Google Earth image (images above) from April, 2009.  In the image the ship is docked at the Namp’o Shipyard, next to what appears to […]

Aug, 08

KPA Warns ROK Naval Drill of “Physical Counter-attack”

The Korean People’s Army’s western command issued a tactical “notice”, in response to planned anti-submarine drills in the Yellow Sea by the ROK military which will begin tomorrow (5 August) and last for five (5) […]

Aug, 04

3rd Round of UN Command-KPA Meeting Held Friday

The third colonel-level meeting between the UN Command and the Korean People’s Army occurred on Friday (30 July) in Panmunjom.  After a two hour meeting, a 4th round was scheduled for 9 August, possibly to […]

Jul, 29


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