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4th UN Command-KPA Meeting

Photo: Yonhap

The 4th round of colonel-level talks at Panmunjom between the UN Command and the KPA concluded.  A 5th round of of these working-level field grade talks was deemed necessary before general-level talks are convened.

Officials from the United Nations Command and North Korea, who have met four times to plan for talks among generals from both sides regarding the March sinking of a South Korean warship, will need at least one more session to work out an agenda and protocols, a UNC spokesman said Tuesday.The colonels at a meeting Tuesday in Panmunjom did not discuss the barrage of artillery the North fired Monday into the Yellow Sea, which Koreans call the West Sea, as the South completed a naval exercise in the waters.

“That was not the purpose of the meeting,” said UNC spokesman David Oten, adding that both sides followed the previously set agenda for the meeting.

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