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Memorial Events Held to Mark Death of Marshal Hyon Chol Hae

DPRK elites marked the one-year anniversary of the death of KPA Marshal Hyon Chol Hae (Hyo’n Ch’o’l-hae) on 19 May (Friday). Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n; KJU) and Minister of National Defense Gen. Kang Sun […]

May, 21

Choe Ryong Hae to OGD? [revised 13 JAN 2018]

Yonhap reports that Choe Ryong Hae [Ch’oe Ryong-hae] was appointed director of the Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Organization Guidance Department [OGD] (officially called the Organizational Leadership Department) during the October 2017 plenary meeting of […]

Jan, 11

12th SPA’s 4th Session Elects New NDC Member, MPS

The 4th session (plenum) of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] convened Thursday [7 April] at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang.  Neither Kim Cho’ng-il nor Kim Cho’ng-u’n attended the meeting.  Defying the speculative pronouncements […]

Apr, 07

OGD Deputy Director Dies

Pak Chong-sun (Pak Jong Sun), the senior deputy (1st vice) director of the CC KWP Organization Guidance Department [OGD] passed away from cancer on 22 January (Saturday), age 82. Pak was elected an alternate member […]

Jan, 24

VMAR Jo Myong Rok Dies

KCNA reports that VMAR Jo Myong Rok passed away on 6 November (Saturday).  VMAR Jo served as 1st Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission and Director of the MPAF General Political Department (Bureau).  He […]

Nov, 07

Get this Party Started

    SPA Presidium Vice President Yang Hyong Sop confirmed to the Associated Press in a Friday interview that Kim Jong Un is the official successor to Kim Jong Il.  Yang told the AP: “Our […]

Oct, 09
Jong Un Photographs (Come all without, come all within…)

Jong Un Photographs (Come all without, come all within…)

Photographs of hereditary successor Kim Jong Un attending the 3rd Party Conference and posing with other members of the DPRK leadership were released by KCNA.

Sep, 30


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