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OGD Deputy Director Dies

Pak Chong-sun (highlighted) attending part of Cho Myong-nok's funeral in November 2010 (Photo: KCNA)

Pak Chong-sun (Pak Jong Sun), the senior deputy (1st vice) director of the CC KWP Organization Guidance Department [OGD] passed away from cancer on 22 January (Saturday), age 82.

Pak was elected an alternate member of the CC KWP Political Bureau during the September 2010 Plenary Meeting of the CC KWP.  He replaced Yi Che-kang (Ri Je Gang) as Kim Chong-il’s primary deputy within OGD in 2010 (Yi died in a car accident in June 2010).  Prior to that Pak held the title OGD deputy director.  In a five decade career Pak served in a number of positions in the CC KWP Organization Secretariat including as a notification instructor, guidance officer, secretary of the South Hamgyong KWP Provincial Secretary.  Pak also served as secretary of organization on the Pyongyang KWP City [Municipal] Committee.

Pak Chong-sun's funeral was held on 23 January (Sunday) at the Sojang Club in the Pothong River District, Pyongyang

Kim Kuk-tae, chairman of Pak's state funeral committee, attends calling hours with members of the CC KWP Secretariat (Secretaries) and Department Directors. In the 1st Row: (L to R) Choe Yong-hae; Choe Tae-pok; Kim Kuk-tae; Hong Sok-hyong; Kim Yang-gon; and Tae Chong-su. Also seen in this group are Chu Kyu-chang, Kim Yong-il and Chon Il-chun

A group from the National Defense Commission attends Pak's calling hours. Seen in attendance are Gen. Yi Myong-su (2nd L), VMar Yi Yong-mu (2nd R) and Gen. Hyon Chol-hae (R)

Members of the DPRK Cabinet attend calling hours for Pak Chong-sun. Among those in attendance are Chon Pyong-ho (Cabinet KWP Committee), Premier Choe Yong-nim (both in the front row) and Vice Premiers Kang Sok-chu, Yi Tae-nam and Kim Nak-hui (second row)


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