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2017 Five Year Economic Plan Review Conference

DPRK state media reported on December 29, 2017 a joint conference held in Pyongyang on December 28, 2017 which included officials of the Party, state, economy and armed forces. In attendance were State Affairs Commission […]

Dec, 29

DPRK Conducts 6th Nuclear Test

The DPRK conducted its sixth nuclear test at (NKST) on September 3 (Sunday).  According to the Nuclear Weapons Institute’s report: Scientists in the nuclear field of the DPRK successfully carried out a test of H-bomb […]

Sep, 04
Money, it's a Gas

Money, it's a Gas

Daily NK reports that the currency change under way in the DPRK was announced at 14:00 by the radio broadcasts directly piped into the homes of North Korean citizens.  Street markets have remained shuttered since […]

Dec, 03

Guidance Train Coming Down the Line

(n.b. Kim Jong-il’s last known appearance was around 1 November at the Unhung Cooperative Farm in Thaechon County, North Pyongan Province) Continuing with his working for the weekend m.o., Kim Jong-il (or his body double […]

Nov, 11
Guidance Train Coming up Around the Bend

Guidance Train Coming up Around the Bend

(n.b. Kim Jong-il’s last known appearance was attendance at a concert of the KPA 33rd Art Festival around 26 October) Kim Jong-il seems to be making a habit of conducting guidance tours later in the […]

Nov, 05
KN-02 Tests Not for an Outside Audience (Necessarily)

KN-02 Tests Not for an Outside Audience (Necessarily)

The DPRK knew that conducting tests on the KN-02 surface-to-surface missiles would attract external attention.  Despite brushing off the tests as routine military exercises, South Korea is entirely justified in its concerns.  The South Korean […]

Oct, 17


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