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KJI Goes to Jagang Province

Kim Jong Il on a factory visit in Jagang Province escorted by Jagang Province Chief KWP Secretary Pak To Chun (1st R), which was reported by KCNA on 30 July 2010, three days after it reported of his attendance at a Pyongyang concert commemorating the 57th anniversary of the Korean War (Photo: KCNA)

KCNA reported on 30 July 2010 that Kim Jong Il visited three factories in Jagang Province.  Kim Jong Il’s visit occurred three days after he attended a concert given to mark the 57th anniversary of the Korean War.  During his tours of Jagang Province, he emphasized CNC technology, and the role of women in the workplace, and how they related to the Korean Workers’ Party.  It is likely these ideological themes will, to a certain degree, underscore the 3rd Party Conference (Party Representatives’ Conference) which will be held in September 2010 (possibly opening 6 September).

Seeing the data on the efforts made by women of meritorious services who have sincerely worked at the mill for years, he estimated their feats. No women have added shine to their fame and existence as the women in the era of the Workers’ Party did, he said, adding that this epoch-making change in the position and role of the women of the DPRK is a clear proof that they are a powerful force dynamically pushing forward the revolution and construction as they are strong in revolutionary spirit and militancy.

Making the rounds of the canteen newly built by the mill and other supply service facilities, he paid deep attention to the living of the workers.

He set forth highly important tasks to be carried out by the mill.

Noting that it is the steadfast resolution and will of the WPK to provide the people with better clothes, he stressed the need to direct bigger efforts to producing textile and bring about a new turn in settling the problem of clothing.

Supply service at the mill where women hold a majority is of special importance, he said, calling upon the party organization and officials of the mill to always pay deep attention to providing the women workers with good living conditions.

He enjoyed a performance given by members of the workers art group of the mill in the work place.

Hong Sok Hyong was reported as one of the members of Kim Jong Il’s entourage.  KCNA identified Hong in its report as a CC KWP “Department Director” along with Kim Kyong Hui and Thae Jong Su.  Previously Hong was the Chief Secretary of the KWP Provincial Committee in North Hamgyong (he is also a candidate, or alternate, member of the KWP Political Bureau).   It is not clear if he is serving in concurrent positions, or if he will be replaced as North Hamgyong Chief Party Secretary after the 3rd Party Conference.  Hong joins Thae Jong Su as a Hamgyong Chief Party Secretary who Kim Jong Il has appointed as a department chief in the Central Party.

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