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Wheel's up for Bozz

U.S. special envoy Stephen Bosworth (C) talks to the media at the Pyongyang Sunan Airport before leaving for South Korea, in Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Dec. 10, 2009. Bosworth concluded his three-day visit to the DPRK on Thursday morning, saying his talks with DPRK officials were "very useful." (Xinhua/Gao Haorong)

US Special Representative Stephen Bosworth and his travel party have departed the DPRK.  Prior to his departure, Ambassador Bosworth told Xinhua that, “It was a very useful set of meetings.”  Kyodo quoted an unnamed US State Department official who remarked,”It wouldn’t surprise at the end of this whether the result of this meeting might be indeterminate and we might need a second meeting to clarify what they are prepared to do. It wouldn’t surprise us at all.”  A follow-up bilateral meeting (or two) was a course of action suggested by China to the US.

And it seems Kim Jong-il was not in Pyongyang at the same time as Ambassador Bosworth.  He was in Jagang Province inspecting a tractor plant and livestock farm with Jagang KWP boss Pak To-chun, KWP Secretary Kim Ki-nam, KWP Financial Planning Director Pak Nam-gi and Pyongyang power couple Jang Song-thaek and Kim Kyong-hui.


This article was written on 10 Dec 2009, and is filled under DPRK-China Relations, Kim Jong-il, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Six Party Talks.

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