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FM Comms Office Issues Statement

The Foreign Ministry’s comms department’s Foreign News Section issued a statement about joint US-ROK military exercises on 6 March (Monday): Despite our repeated warnings, the US intentionally continues to aggravate the situation in the Korean […]

Mar, 07

VFM Issues Communique on US-ROK Exercises and UN

DPRK Vice Foreign Minister for International Organizations, Kim Son Gyong (Kim So’n-kyo’ng), issued a statement on 4 March (Saturday) explicating recent military exercises on the Korean Peninsula and the responses of the United Nations [UN] […]

Mar, 07

Disarmament Institute Researcher Publishes Article

KCNA disseminated an article by Ku Yong Chol (Ku Yo’ng-ch’o’l), of the DPRK Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Disarmament and Peace on Saturday (4 March).  Ku wrote: The international community is deeply concerned about the reality […]

Mar, 07

NDC Statement Pronounces DPRK “Will Never Deal With” Lee Myung-bak

The National Defense Commission issued a statement announcing that “the DPRK will launch a nationwide offensive  to put an end to the moves of the Lee group to escalate confrontation with the DPRK.”  The NDC […]

May, 31

Kim Jong Il’s Return

Kim Cho’ng-il has returned to the DPRK via Dandong.  His third trip to the PRC in less than year remains open to interpretation.  Two events scheduled on either end of the DPRK-PRC border intended to […]

May, 28

Choe Tae Bok Returns from PRC

Choe Tae-pok, SPA Chairman CC KWP Secretary and Political Bureau Member, returned to to the DPRK over the weekend, completing his five-day trip to China.  Choe departed the DPRK last Tuesday (30 November) for Beijing.  […]

Dec, 07
Choe Tae Bok to Visit PRC Tuesday

Choe Tae Bok to Visit PRC Tuesday

Choe Tae-pok, CC KWP Secretary and Political Bureau member, will travel to Beijing on Tuesday (30 November) for a five day trip to the PRC.  Choe is likely to discuss the DPRK’s 23 November attack […]

Nov, 28


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