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The Bozz Touches Down in Seoul

US Special Envoy (and Dean of the Tufts Fletcher School) Stephen Bosworth flew into Seoul via London and arrived on Sunday.  Ambassador Bosworth will huddle with ROK officials including its nuclear representative Wi Sung-lac and Yu Myung-hwan, ROK Minister of Foreign Affairs.  He will then fly on a military plane into Pyongyang on Tuesday to begin a three (3) day visit where he will meet with Senior Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kang Sok-ju.  It remains to be seen whether Ambassador Bosworth will meet with Kim Jong-il.

It should be noted that as of this writing, there have been no reports in DPRK media source of General-Secretary Kim participating in any guidance or inspection tours in other parts of the country.  His last observed location was in Pyongyang, so it is entirely likely he in the capital.  It is also entirely General-Secretary Kim is enjoying hunting season at the Yonphoong Residential Complex.  Korean Central News Agency set the propaganda stage when it parsed an interview with former US President Jimmy Carter, recollecting his 1994 meeting with the late DPRK President Kim Il-sung.

Jiji out of Japan recently reported that China has commenced shipments of food and fuel to the DPRK, as an inducement for the North Koreans’ return to the Six Party Talks.  The aid consists of 30,000 tons of food, 50,000 ton of fuel and 80,000 tons of charcoal.  The aid was promised to the DPRK during PRC Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit in August.  Also, according to this report, China told the US Government it would resume the Six Party Talks only it results in the DPRK’s denuclearization.  Furthermore: “China also suggested the US-DPRK talks should be held at least three times to assess North Korea’s intentions.  If China, chair of the Six Party Talks, continues to take a cautious approach it could take time to resume the Six Party Talks.”


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