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The Bozz' 72 Hour Pyongyang Odyssey


US Envoy Stephen Bosworth is reported to be spending three (3) days in Pyongyang, as opposed to the thirty-six (36) hours initially reported.


A trio of US-based Korean experts arrived Saturday in Pyongyang for a four(4)-day visit to the DPRK.   Scott Snyder of the Asia Foundation’s Center for US-Korea Policy and Jack Pritchard and Nicole Finneman of the Korea Economic Institute are in the DPRK engaged in preparatory meetings in advance of the 8 December arrival of US Special Envoy (and Tufts Fletcher School Dean) Stephen Bosworth.  Ambassador Bosworth will remain in Pyongyang for thirty-six (36) hours before he departs for Japan and the other Six-Party Talk countries.

Choson Sinbo recently offered its thoughts about the upcoming Bosworth trip: “In the meantime the DPRK is not hiding its desire for dialogue.  The United States considered the Special Representative’s dispatch in March of this year as well.  The DPRK, which did not accept the United States’ demand at that time, is making preparations for bilateral talks this time.  It must not have invited the Special Representative just to see him.”


This article was written on 23 Nov 2009, and is filled under DPRK External Relations, DPRK-US Relations, Six Party Talks.

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