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KJI Concerned About "Unrest" in Early February Over Money Crunch (revised 18 April)

Choson Ilbo, citing a story from Open Radio for NK, reports that Kim Jong Il was worried about public discontent at a meeting in early February. At a meeting on Feb. 2 in which he […]

Apr, 16
Ri Chol's Last Minute Business

Ri Chol's Last Minute Business

Despite reports that he is leaving his concurrent positions as DPRK Ambassador to Switzerland and the UN Mission in Geneva, Ri Chol still has official business to attend to.  Yonhap reports that Ambassador Ri appeared […]

Mar, 19
Money, it's a Gas

Money, it's a Gas

Daily NK reports that the currency change under way in the DPRK was announced at 14:00 by the radio broadcasts directly piped into the homes of North Korean citizens.  Street markets have remained shuttered since […]

Dec, 03
MPS on Alert after DPRK Changes Currency

MPS on Alert after DPRK Changes Currency

Daily NK reports that the DPRK “has revalued and replaced its national currency.”  Northeast Asia Matters carries the complete English variant of the article, as well as the Korean version of the article.  Northeast Asia […]

Nov, 30

Kim Wan-su Demoted, but Not Gone

Kim Wan-su was not entirely removed from DPRK public life and has retained his Vice Chair of the Supreme People’s Assembly.  He greeted Sergei Mironov, chairman of the upper house of Russia’s Parliament (the Federation […]

Nov, 25

Foreign Visits and an Under the Radar Cabinet Appointment

On 18 September, the North Korean press reported a meeting between Kim Jong-il and PRC State Councilor Dai Bingguo, a surrogate for Chinese President Hu Jintao.  From photographs of the event, the meeting appeared to […]

Sep, 22


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