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12th SPA’s 4th Session Elects New NDC Member, MPS

The 4th session (plenum) of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] convened Thursday [7 April] at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang.  Neither Kim Cho’ng-il nor Kim Cho’ng-u’n attended the meeting.  Defying the speculative pronouncements […]

Apr, 07

KCI Conducts First Field Inspection of 2011

The DPRK media reports that Kim Cho’ng-il visited the command of KPA Unit 6556, his reported field inspection in 2011.  KCI’s first and last field inspections of 2010 were conducted at the 105th Tank Division. […]

Feb, 03

The Center’s First Appearances in 2011

Kim Chong-il has made his first public appearances of 2011.  On 12 January (Wednesday) the DPRK media reported that he toured the recently constructed Nampo Glass Bottle Factory.  On 14 January (Friday) KCNA reported that […]

Jan, 16

KJI’s 4th Visit to Huichon Power Station Site

Kim Chong-il made his fourth visit of 2010 to the Huichon Power Station.  The visit seems to be part of a seasonal swing through Chagang Province.  On 21 December the DPRK media reported that Kim […]

Dec, 22

KJI’s 148 Guidance Tours (so far) in 2010

According to the ROK Unification Ministry, Kim Chong-il has made 148 visits in 2010. 58 of those tours were to economic locales in the DPRK.  KCI has been reported by the DPRK media as having […]

Dec, 07

VMAR Ri Yong Ho Emerges After YP-do

VMAR Ri Yong Ho (Chief of the KPA General Staff Department [GSD] and Central Military Commission co-Vice Chairman) was reported on 29 November attending a performance of the DPRK’s State Symphony Orchestra.  This was his […]

Nov, 30

KJU: 50-odd Days Later

The DPRK press reported on 20 November (Saturday) that Kim Jong Il and hereditary successor, Kim Jong Un, attended a commemorative photo session with members of the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces.  Chosun Ilbo wrote […]

Nov, 21


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