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Footsteps and Insteps

Has Kim Cho’ng-il changed his shoes? Around 12 May [Thursday] Kim Cho’ng-il was reported to have visited Kujang Fish Farm.  Yonhap reports on the photograph released of his visit: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il […]

May, 17

KCI opens KPA Sports Complex

Kim Cho’ng-il presided over the official opening of the 10,000 square meter (approximately 107, 600 square feet).  DPRK media reported KCI’s attendance at the opening ceremony on 4 May [Wednesday], but neither disclosed when the […]

May, 05

If I Were a Cadre and You Were a Lathe Machine Operator

DPRK media reported on 23 April that Kim Cho’ng-il made his first reported visit to the Najin Shipyard.  Yonhap reports: Kim “provided field guidance to the Rajin Shipyard” in the North’s northeastern port of Rajin, […]

Apr, 24

12th SPA’s 4th Session Elects New NDC Member, MPS

The 4th session (plenum) of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] convened Thursday [7 April] at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang.  Neither Kim Cho’ng-il nor Kim Cho’ng-u’n attended the meeting.  Defying the speculative pronouncements […]

Apr, 07

KCI Conducts First Field Inspection of 2011

The DPRK media reports that Kim Cho’ng-il visited the command of KPA Unit 6556, his reported field inspection in 2011.  KCI’s first and last field inspections of 2010 were conducted at the 105th Tank Division. […]

Feb, 03

The Center’s First Appearances in 2011

Kim Chong-il has made his first public appearances of 2011.  On 12 January (Wednesday) the DPRK media reported that he toured the recently constructed Nampo Glass Bottle Factory.  On 14 January (Friday) KCNA reported that […]

Jan, 16

KJI’s 4th Visit to Huichon Power Station Site

Kim Chong-il made his fourth visit of 2010 to the Huichon Power Station.  The visit seems to be part of a seasonal swing through Chagang Province.  On 21 December the DPRK media reported that Kim […]

Dec, 22


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