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DPRK Media Reports on FMD

The DPRK media externally reported the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease [FMD] in the country on 10 February [Thursday].  KCNA reported that the first case was found in Rihyon-ri in Pyongyang.    ROK media reported on the […]

Feb, 15
4th UN Command-KPA Meeting

4th UN Command-KPA Meeting

The 4th round of colonel-level talks at Panmunjom between the UN Command and the KPA concluded.  A 5th round of of these working-level field grade talks was deemed necessary before general-level talks are convened. Officials […]

Aug, 10

3rd Round of UN Command-KPA Meeting Held Friday

The third colonel-level meeting between the UN Command and the Korean People’s Army occurred on Friday (30 July) in Panmunjom.  After a two hour meeting, a 4th round was scheduled for 9 August, possibly to […]

Jul, 29


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