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The Bozz's Post-Turkey Day Pyongyang Foray and POTUS to Asia

Yonhap cites an anonymous source that says US Special Envoy Stephen Bosworth will travel to the DPRK after the US Thanksgiving holiday, the week of 25-29 November.  Ambassador Bosworth’s supposed arrival will be preceded by Korea hands Jack Pritchard and Scott Snyder, who will be visiting the DPRK from 21 to 24 November.  Kyodo World Service reports that a DPRK MOFA policy elite told a Beijing conference that the North Koreans will return to the Six-Party Talks depending on an outcome in the DPRK’s favor during bilateral meetings.  Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama departs this week for a sojourn to Asia.  Northeast Asia Matters has uploaded the transcript of the pre-departure conference call between the media and the principals on the National Security Council.

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  1. juchechosunmanse
    November 10, 2009

    Not promising at all if you buys Victor Cha’s theory that the whole thing is just for show.

    • nkleadershipwatch
      November 10, 2009

      As a general rule, diplomacy in itself is a bit of a show. Ambassador Bosworth is certainly the sharpest tool in the belt that the US has for these matters. If the Yonhap report is accurate, then some of the heavy lifting will be done in advance by Messers Snyder and Pritchard.

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