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Party Central Committee

Below are the members and alternate of the Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee, following the 3rd Party Conference held on 28 September 2010.  Names are spelled as reported by KCNA and listed in alphabetical order.


Kim Jong Il

An Jong Su

Cha Sung Su

Chae Hui Jong

Choe Hui Jong

Choe Kyong Song

Choe Pu Il

Choe Ryong Hae

Choe Sang Ryo

Choe Thae Bok

Choe Yong Dok

Choe Yong Rim

Han Kwang Bok

Han Tong Gun

Hong In Bom

Hong Sok Hyong

Hyon Chol Hae

Hyon Yong Chol

Jang Chol

Jang Pyong Gyu

Jang Song Thaek

Jo Kyong Chol

Jo Pyong Ju

Jon Chang Bok

Jon Ha Chol

Jon Hui Jong

Jon Jin Su

Jon Kil Su

Jon Pyong Ho

Jon Ryong Guk

Jong Ho Gyun

Jong In Guk

Jong Myong Do

Ju Kyu Chang

Ju Sang Song

Ju Yong Sik

Kang Nung Su

Kang Phyo Yon

Kang Sok Ju

Kang Tong Yun

Kang Yang Mo

Ko Pyong Hyon

Kim Chang Sop

Kim Chol Man

Kim Chun Sam

Kim Hi Thaek

Kim Hyong Ryong

Kim Hyong Sik

Kim In Sik

Kim Jong Gak

Kim Jong Im

Kim Jong Suk

Kim Jong Un

Kim Ki Nam

Kim Ki Ryong,

Kim Kuk Thae

Kim Kyong Hui

Kim Kyong Ok

Kim Myong Guk

Kim Phyong Hae

Kim Pyong Ho

Kim Pyong Ryul

Kim Rak Hui

Kim Song Chol

Kim Song Dok

Kim Thae Bong

Kim Yang Gon

Kim Yong Chol

Kim Yong Chun

Kim Yong Il

Kim Yong Jin

Kim Yong Nam

Kim Won Hong

Kwak Pom Gi

Mun Kyong Dok

O Il Jong

O Kuk Ryol

O Kum Chol

O Su Yong

Paek Se Bong

Pak Jae Gyong

Pak Jong Gun

Pak Jong Sun

Pak Kwang Chol

Pak Myong Chol

Pak Su Gil

Pak Sung Won

Pak To Chun

Pak Thae Dok

Pak Ui Chun

Pyon In Son

Pyon Yong Rip

Ri Hi Hon

Ri Hyong Gun,

Ri Man Gon

Ri Mu Yong

Ri Myong Su

Ri Pong Dok

Ri Pong Juk

Ri Pyong Chol

Ri Pyong Sam

Ri Ryong Nam

Ri Thae Nam

Ri Ul Sol

Ri Yong Chol

Ri Yong Gil

Ri Yong Ho

Ri Yong Hwan

Ri Yong Mu

Ri Yong Su

Rim Kyong Man

Ro Pae Gwon

Ro Tu Chol

Ryang Man Gil

Ryo Chun Sok

Ryu Yong Sop

Song Ja Rip

Thae Jong Su

U Tong Chuk

Yang Hyong Sop

Yang Tong Hun

Yun Jong Rin

Yun Tong Hyon

Alternate Members

An Tong Chun

Cha Jin Sun

Cha Kyong Il

Cha Yong Myong

Choe Chan Gon

Choe Chun Sik

Choe Hyon

Choe Ki Ryong

Choe Kwan Jun

Choe Pong Ho

Choe Tae Il

Choe Yong

Choe Yong Do

Han Chang Nam

Han Chang Sun

Han Hung Phyo

Ho Song Gil

Hong Kwang Sun

Hong So Hon

Hong Sung Mu

Hwang Pyong So

Hwang Sun Hui

Hwang Hak Won

Hyon Sang Ju

Jang Ho Chan

Jang Myong Hak

Jang Yong Gol

Ji Jae Ryong

Jon Kwang Rok

Jon Kyong Son

Jon Song Ung

Jon Chang Rim

Jong Myong Hak

Jong Pong Gun

Jong Pong Phil

Jong Un Hak

Jo Jae Yong

Jo Song Hwan

Jo Yong Chol

Kang Hyong Bong

Kang Ki Sop

Kang Kwan Il

Kang Kwan Ju

Kang Min Chol

Kim Chang Myong

Kim Chon Ho

Kim Chung Gol

Kim Hui Yong

Kim Kyok Sik

Kim Kye Gwan

Kim Myong Sik

Kim Pyong Hun

Kim Pong Ryong

Kim Thae Mun

Kim Tong I

Kim Tong Il

Kim Tong Il

Kim Tong Un

Kim U Ho

Kim Yong Gwang

Kim Yong Ho

Kim Yong Jae

Kim Yong Suk

Ko Su Il

Kwon Hyok Bong

No Kwang Chol

O Chol San

Paek Kye Ryong

Paek Ryong Chon

Pak Chang Bom

Pak Pong Ju

Pak Ri Sun

Ri Chan Hwa

Ri Chang Han

Ri Chol

Ri Chun Il

Ri Hi Su

Ri Hong Sop

Ri Il Nam

Ri Jae Il

Ri Je Son

Ri Jong Sik

Ri Ki Su

Ri Kuk Jun

Ri Min Chol

Ri Myong Gil

Ri Sang Gun

Ri Song Gwon

Ri Su Yong

Ri Thae Chol

Ri Thae Sop

Ri Yong Ho

Ri Yong Ju

Ro Kyong Jun

Ro Song Sil

Ryom In Yun

Ryu Kyong

Sin Sung Hun

So Tong Myong

Son Chong Nam

Song Kwang Chol

Thae Hyong Chol

Tong Jong Ho

Tong Yong Il

Yang In Guk

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