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MAR Ri Ul Sol

Ri Ul Sol

Member, Party Central Committee

Former Member, CMC (1980-2010)

Former Member, NDC (1998-2003)

Former Commanding Officer, Guard Command


possibly trained in Vladivostok (at the Okeanskaya Field School) or in Khabarovsk

Frunze State Military Academy (1948: Regiment commanding officer, Korean People’s Army

1950: Chief of Staff, Fourth Division, KPA

1951: Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, 15th Division, KPA

1957:  Promoted, Major General, KPA

Division Commander, KPA

1962: Promoted. Lieutenant General, KPA

Commanding officer, V Army Corps

Deputy, 3rd SPA

1968: (March) Commanding officer, I Amry Corps

1970: Member, CC KWP

1972: Promoted, Colonel General, KPA

Commanding officer, V Army Corps Corps

1975: Chief Secretary, South Hamgyong KWP Provinical Committee

1980: Member, Central Military Commission

1982: Awarded, Order of Kim Il-sung

Deputy Commander, Guard Command (Bodyguard/Escort Bureau)

1984: Director, State Security Department

1985: Promoted, General, KPA

1986: Deputy, 8th SPA

1990: Deputy, 9th SPA

Member, National Defense Commission

1992: Promoted, Vice Marshal, KPA,

Awarded, title, Double Hero

1994: Member, Kim Il-sung Funeral Committee

1995: Member, O Jin-u Funeral Committee

Promoted, Marshal, KPA

1996: Commanding officer, Guard Command

1997: Awarded, Labor Hero and Order of the National Flag, 1st Class

1998: Deputy, 10th SPA

Member, National Defense Commission

2003: Deputy, 11th SPA

Retired, Commanding Officer, Guard Command

Reitred, NDC Member

2009: Deputy, 12th SPA (Representing Electoral District 1)

2010: Retired, Member, CMC

An affiliate of 38 North