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Choe Thae Bok (Ch’oe T’ae-pok)

updated and revised February 23, 2018

Choe Thae Bok (Ch’oe T’ae-pok)is the Chairman (speaker) of the Supreme People’s Assembly.  He is former Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Vice Chairman for Science and Education).  Choe was also a member of the WPK Political Bureau and member of the WPK Central Committee.  A chemist by training, he has been a member of the party leadership since the mid-1980s and regularly travels outside the country to meet with the DPRK’s allies abroad.  Choe was an adviser to late DPRK leader Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il) for nearly three decades and one of the most popular members of the central leadership.

After completing his education, Choe worked as a school teacher.  In 1959, he became a guidance instructor in the WPK Education Department.  Choe returned to research and teaching around 1961, when he joined the faculty of the Hamhu’ng Chemical Engineering College.  In 1965 he was appointed director of research for the Hamhung branch of the Chemical Research Institute in the National Academy of Sciences.  In 1968 Choe was appointed dean of Hamhu’ng Chemical Engineering College.   In 1972 he was appointed section chief in the WPK Education Department, where he helped to establish the monolithic ideological guidance system in the DPRK’s education system.

In the late 1970s he appointed Dean of the Faculty and President of Kim Ch’aek University of Technology.  In the 1980’s he served successively and concurrently as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Education Commission and Minister of Higher Education.  Choe was responsible for a number of policy initiatives in science education and expansion of cultural exchanges and other programs for DPRK students to study outside the country.

Choe Thae Bok was first elected a deputy (delegate) to the Supreme People’s Assembly [SPA] in 1982 and led an SPA delegation on an official visit to France in November the same year.  In the 1980s Choe made a number of trips outside the DPRK including to Malta (1982), Russia (1984), Germany (1984), PRC (1985), Bulgaria (1985) and Tanzania (1986).  Choe was elected an alternate (candidate) member of the Party Central Committee at its 9th plenum (6th Term/6th CC) in 1984.

He was elected to full (regular) WPK Central Committee membership as well as WPK Secretary [Secretariat] at the 12th plenum (6th Term/6th CC) on 27 December 1986.  Choe was elected an alternate (candidate) member of the Political Bureau at the 18th plenum (6th Term/6th CC) on 23 May 1990.  As a party secretary Choe had responsibilities in education, science and cultural and technical exchanges.  During 1993 and 1994 Choe temporarily assumed some of the job functions of then-WPK International Secretary, Kim Yong Sun (Kim Yo’ng-sun).

Choe was elected Chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly at the 1st plenum of the 10th SPA in September 1998.  As both SPA Chairman and WPK Secretary, Choe regularly travels outside the DPRK.  He represented the DPRK at a parliamentary conference at the UN Geneva in July 2010 where he also met with members of the Iranian, Cuban, Syrian and PRC leadership on the sidelines.  Choe also led a WPK delegation to the PRC on 30 November, one week after the Yo’np’yo’ng Island attack in ROK on 23 November.

Choe Thae Bok (3rd R) walks behind Kim Yo Jong at a funeral service for Kim Jong Il in December 2011 (Photo: KCTV screen grab).

Choe was elected to full membership on the Political Bureau at the September 2010 Plenary Meeting of the WPK Central Committee and was a rostrum member at the 3rd Party Conference on 28 September 2010.  On 29 March 2011 the DPRK press reported on Choe’s arrival in London.  Choe delivered a speech at a private event hosted by a UK policy organization.

Choe held about the same position in the regime for two decades.  In October 2017, during the second plenary meeting of the 7th WPK Central Committee, Choe was retired from office.

Regardless of whether Choe (and his reportedly progressive views) finds favor with the center, he enjoys a certain affection and popularity from thousands of DPRK students who were educated abroad in the early 1980s and the early 2000s.  Choe is a reputed protégé of Yang Hyong-so’p [SPA Presidium Vice President].  He also had close ties to Kim Kyong Hui (Kim Kyo’ng-hu’i) and the late Jon Pyong Ho (Cho’n Pyong-ho), former WPK Secretary and Director of Munitions Industry.

Choe Thae Bok was born in Namp’o, South P’yo’ngan, in 1930.  He was one of the first matriculates of the Mangyo’ngdae Revolutionary School.  He graduated from Kim Il Sung University and completed coursework at Leipzig Engineering College (now part of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences) around 1952 and Moscow State University in 1954.

In addition to Korean, he speaks fluent German, Russian and English.  Choe Thae Bok is intelligent with an upbeat, cheerful personality.

Choe Tae-pok greets Wu Bangguo in Beijing on 1 December (Photo: Xinhua)

Choe Thae Bok


Chairman, Supreme People’s Assembly

Member, WPK Central Committee



Kim Il Sung University

Leipzig College of Engineering

Moscow State University

1959: Guidance Instructor, WPK Education Department

1961: Professor, Hamhu’ng Chemical Engineering College

1965: Director, Research Institute, Hamhu’ng Branch, National Academy of Sciences

1968: Dean, Hamhu’ng Chemical Engineering College

1972: Section Chief, WPK Education Department

1976: Deputy Director, WPK Education Department

1978: President, Kim Ch’aek University of Technology

1980: Chairman, Education Commission, DPRK Cabinet

1981: Minister of Higher Education

Chairman, DPRK-Bulgaria Friendship Association

1982: Deputy, 7th SPA

1984: Elected, Alternate (candidate) Member, 6th WPK Central Committee

1986: Deputy, 8th SPA

1986: Elected, Member, 6th WPK Central Committee

WPK Secretary

1990: Deputy, 9th SPA

Elected, Alternate (candidate) Member, Political Bureau

1992: Director, CC KWP Science Education Department

1993: Chairman, Korean Solidarity Committee for the World’s People

1994: Member, Kim Il-song Funeral Committee (#15)

1998: Deputy, 10th SPA

Chairman, SPA

2003: Deputy, 11th SPA

Chairman, SPA

2005: Member, Yon Hyong Muk Funeral Committee

2008: Member, Pak Song Chol Funeral Committee

2009: Deputy, 12th SPA

Chairman, 12th SPA

2010: (April) Member, Kim Jung Rin Funeral Committee

Elected, Member, Political Bureau

WPK Secretary

(November) Member, Jo Myong Rok Funeral Committee

2011: (December) Member, Kim Jong Il Funeral Committee

2013: (December) Member, Kim Kuk Thae Funeral Committee

2014: (March) Elected, deputy, 13th Supreme People’s Assembly

(April) Chairman, Supreme People’s Assembly

(July) Member, Jo Pyong Ho Funeral Committee

2015: (November) Member, Ri Ul Sol Funeral Committee

(December) Member, Kim Yang Gon Funeral Committee

2016: (May) Elected, Member, 7th WPK Central Committee

Elected, Member, WPK Political Bureau

Elected, WPK Vice Chairman

(May) Member, Kang Sok Ju Funeral Committee

2017: (October) Retired as WPK Vice Chairman for Science and Education


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