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Kim So’l-song (Kim Sul Song)

updated  and revised 19 January 2013

Kim So’l-song (Kim Sul-song) is Kim Jong Il’s second oldest daughter and was one of his key aides.  So’l-song directed his security and logistical support and managed the offices that control financial and bookkeeping operations personnel.  In 2011 She was appointed a deputy director of the KWP Organization Guidance Department and works as a close aide to her step-brother, current DPRK supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim So’l-song was born in 1974.  She is the older of two daughters Kim Jong Il fathered with third wife, Kim Yong Suk.  Yong Suk is also considered KJI’s official wife because the marriage was compelled by Kim Il Sung; KIS named both So’l-song and her sister, Ch’un-song.  She was educated in DPRK schools.  She studied in the Political Economy Department at KIS University.  So’l-song has also taken university courses in Europe, as recently as 2005.

A favorite of her father’s, Kim So’l-song has held positions in the CC KWP Propaganda and Agitation Department’s Publications Section.  She has also been identified as director of Office 99 in Kim Cho’ng-il’s Personal Secretariat.  So’l-song is said to hold a Lieutenant Colonel (chungjwa) rank in the KPA and has managed security and logistical arrangement for Kim Jong Il’s public appearances.  She traveled to Russia’s Far East with him in 2002.

Kim So’l-song is tall with long hair.  She is highly educated and in addition to Korean, speaks French, Russian and English.  Kim So’l-song is creative and has a warm personality.  She is married and has at least three children.  Her husband works in the central party.  Kim So’l-song has close ties to her paternal aunt, Kim Kyong Hui.

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