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Kim Jong Un 2018 On-Site Visits, Field Inspections and Public Events

This is a list of Kim Jong Un’s observed public activity during the year 2018.  Provided are the date the event took place, the event’s locale, the date the event was reported by DPRK state media and a list of senior officials both reported and observed to have attended the event.



1: New Year’s Day Address (Pyongyang)

11: Visit and Inspection of the State Academy of Sciences (reported 12 JAN)

In attendance were Pak Thae Song [Pak T’ae-so’ng], Member of the Political Bureau, WPK Vice Chairman for Science and Education and Member of the SPA Presidium; Choe Tong Myong [Ch’oe Tong-myo’ng], Director of the WPK Science and Education Department; Jang Chol, President of the State Academy of Sciences; and, Jo Yong Won [Cho Yo’ng-wo’n], Deputy Director of the WPK Organization Guidance Department and leading official of the Personal Secretariat


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