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KJU Visits KPA Navy Command

Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) — The Juche-based naval force, which has won great fame, making the immortal history of heroic combats to defend the sea of the country along the immutable course of loyalty under the ever-victorious Workers’ Party of Korea, is significantly celebrating the day of its foundation.

The Navy of the Korean People’s Army (KPA), which declared its solemn start with the foundation of a new Korea fleet on August 28, Juche 38 (1949), has firmly defended the territorial waters and dignity of the DPRK for more than 70 years, glorifying its militant course of victory and glory full of matchless heroism and courage.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, visited the KPA Navy Command on August 27, with the Navy Day just ahead, to congratulate and encourage all the service personnel of the valiant People’s Navy.

Accompanying him were KPA Marshals Ri Pyong Chol and Pak Jong Chon and Minister of National Defence Kang Sun Nam.

When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un arrived at the Navy Command together with his beloved daughter, the officers and men of the Navy there broke into enthusiastic cheers, full of the emotion and joy of coming to high glory and privilege on its significant foundation day.

There took place a ceremony of greeting the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK.

After receiving a salute from the head of the guard of honor of the KPA Navy, Kim Jong Un reviewed the guard.

Sailors presented him with fragrant bouquets carrying the unanimous loyalty and reverence of all the service personnel of the Navy.

Kim Jong Un was greeted by Admiral Kim Myong Sik, commander of the KPA Navy, Vice-admiral Kim Chang Guk, political commissar, and other military and political commanding officers of the Navy Command, and commanders of east and west sea fleets of the Navy and heads of their surface and underwater warship flotillas and commanding officers of the special operation units with deepest reverence.

There was a march-past of the Navy guard of honor.

Kim Jong Un had a photo session, to be eternally recorded in the history of army founding, with major commanding officers of the naval force in commemoration of his congratulatory visit to the Navy Command.

He sat together with service personnel of the Navy at the servicepersons’ hall of the command.

Kim Jong Un conveyed a floral basket carrying warm congratulations and militant salute on behalf of the Party and the government to all the stalwart officers and soldiers of the People’s Navy on the occasion of the Navy Day, and made an important speech.

He paid high tribute to the sacred 70-odd years of the KPA Navy which has continued the course of loyalty, holding fast to the helm of faith without any veering in the raging waves, and advanced the Party’s idea of attaching importance to the Navy and the strategic and tactical issues arising in strengthening the naval force into an invincible service.

Expressing belief that all the service personnel of the Navy would surely usher in a golden age of the development of the Chuch’e-based naval force in perfect unity, he ardently called for fully demonstrating as ever the mightiness of the heroic People’s Navy and waging courageous and stubborn struggle to the last to add more luster to its honor.

When he finished his speech, all the participants broke into enthusiastic cheers of “Hurrah!” with the deep emotion of greeting the historic time when a great new era of strengthening the naval force begins, and with an oath of faith to carry forward the tradition of victory of the heroic People’s Navy from generation to generation.

He congratulated the holiday of the Navy once again, warmly acknowledging their enthusiastic cheers.

Guided by the commander of the Navy, he visited the operation command headquarters.

He heard a report on the enemy movements and on the operation situation of the Navy from the commander.

Going round several elements of the headquarters, he learned in detail about the actuality of the operation command and degree of IT-based situation control.

After hearing a report on the naval operation plan from the Navy commander, he set forth the Chuch’e-based naval operational and tactical policies for definitely taking the initiative in any sudden armed conflict and war and overwhelmingly containing the enemies with preemptive and resolute offensive, in accordance with the strategic and tactical intention of the Party Central Committee.

Then, he watched a volleyball game between teams of the Navy and the Air Force held to mark the Navy Day.

The stadium was full of joy and optimism of players and supporters who came to enjoy a significant sports game in the presence of the respected Supreme Commander whom they have longed to see.

The navy team beat the air force team in the sharp game that went on amid the strong competitiveness of players for the honor of their services and enthusiastic cheering of supporters.

Kim Jong Un had a significant photo session with the officers and soldiers of the KPA Navy Command on the occasion of the Navy Day.

All the service personnel of the Navy extended gratitude to the great teacher and benevolent father who spent all day long together with them, even though he was very busy with the Party and state affairs, and provided important guidelines for developing the Navy into a group of the powerful Chuch’e-based service and clearly indicated the course to eternal victory with great love, trust and fervent affection.

Kim Jong Un expressed great expectation and belief that all the service personnel of the brave KPA Navy would hold higher the militant slogan “We wait only for the order of the Party to set sail!”, cherish the unshakable faith and confidence to overwhelm any formidable enemy, make full combat readiness for a war and thus create another new myth of victory of the heroic Navy in the life-and-death battle.

When the photo session was over, shouts of “Kim Jong Un” and “Devoted defense” by the maritime death-defying corps ready to brave even the death once they are ordered by the Party Central Committee, a-match-for-a-hundred seamen determined to annihilate those who make little of the inviolable territorial waters of the country even 0.001 mm, resounded throughout the sky of August.

Kim Jong Un warmly encouraged the reliable naval officers and men full of strong will to firmly defend the sea of the beloved homeland by successfully carrying forward the great spirit of the seamen of the preceding generations.

All the service personnel of the Navy pledged to prepare themselves more firmly to become frontline soldiers of the national defense and warriors of the sea, keeping deep in their minds the great love and feeling of blood ties shown by Kim Jong Un.

The KPA Navy gave a send-off with highest respect for Kim Jong Un who had finished his congratulatory visit to its command.

His congratulatory visit to the KPA Navy Command will be brilliantly recorded in the history of the building of the Juche-based revolutionary armed forces as an important landmark for a radical turn in bolstering up the naval force.

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