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Jongil Hill is Angry

On December 4, 2007, North Korea’s state broadcaster aired a poem written by Kim Jong Chol (Kim Cho’ng-ch’o’l), the elder brother of current leader Kim Jong Un.  At the time, Jong Chol was a candidate for hereditary succession.  His younger brother was later selected to succeed as supreme leader (suryo’ng) around early 2009.

Following is the poem “Cho’ngil Hill Is Angry” that was read with what appeared to be the song “Sound of Thunder of Cho’ngil Hill” playing in the background:

Oh, is this as if Paektu’s active volcano is again shooting up a fire shower?

Flash Rumble Flash Rumble

Cho’ngil Hill flashes lightening rumbles thunder while looking down on the world

A violent water shower falls like a fire shower in a glaring granite

The course of the rising water of the ravine), like a fire dragon,

Violently rises and soars into the sky

How pleasant, Ryongma [Swift Horse] Crag appears as if scampering the battlefield of Paektu while shaking its mane

The owner of the swift horse appears as if commanding the world while wielding a fire sword

Even thousands of mountains and ten thousand peaks flinch to that sound of thunder that shakes heaven and earth

All the injustice and evil of this world are completely destroyed under that sword of lightening that divides the sky in an instant

Look at that firearm

Nothing can get through that unlimited power of the fire shower whose source is the lava of Paektu

My fatherland that defied the imperialists

While loading the military-first gun barrel with that lightening, that thunder

The stronghold of the enemies will shatter into ashes

Before the merciless iron hammer of fire

Oh, Cho’ngil Hill roars in anger

And strikes lightening and rumbles thunder

While treading the empire of evil under its feet

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