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Kim Chung Il

Kim Chung-il

Chief, Office of Secretaries and Deputy Director, Kim Jong-il’s Personal Secretariat

Education: Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies


1977:  1st Secretary, Observer Representitive in UN

1978:  Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1982: Deputy, 7th Supreme People’s Assembly

1984: Chairman, UNESCO National Committee in DPRK

1986: Elected, Candidate Member, KWP Central Committee

Deputy, 8th Supreme People’s Assembly

Elected, Member, KWP Central Committee

1987: Awarded, Order of Kim Il-sung

Senior Deputy Director, KWP Propaganda and Agitation Department

1990: Deputy, 9th Supreme People’s Assembly

1992: Awarded, Order of Kim Il-sung

Deputy Director, Kim Jong-il Personal Secretariat

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