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Nampo Glass Bottle Factory

KCNA report from January 12, 2011

Kim Jong Il Gives Field Guidance to New Nampo Glass Bottle Factory

Pyongyang—Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission, gave field guidance to the newly built Nampo Glass Bottle Factory.

He went round the room dedicated to the history of the factory, products show room, combined production control room and various other places of the factory to learn in detail about its construction and equipment and production there.

Watching varieties of bottles being churned out from work sites in an endless stream, he was greatly satisfied to learn that a modern glass bottle factory was successfully built in a brief span of time and started mass production. He praised the workers of the factory and builders and their helpers for their feats performed in building such factory requiring cutting-edge technology by their own efforts with home-made equipment and indigenous technology.

All the processes of the factory from raw material feeding to packing and forwarding are streamlined, he said, expressing great pleasure at the appearance of another structure conducive to improving people’s standard of living.  The factory is a glass goods producer with a very bright prospect and good profitability as it produces glass bottles for diverse uses with raw materials found in abundance in the country, he added.

He said that the workers of the factory and party members and other working people of its relevant units could complete the construction of such factory in a short span of time by displaying ardent patriotism and creative ingenuity, firmly convinced that Korea can do anything, when determined. This shining success demonstrates the indomitable mental power of the Korean people to build a thriving socialist nation by their own efforts and with locally available resources without fail, he noted, adding that this represents a great victory of the WPK’s policy of attaching importance to science and technology and the DPRK’s self-supporting national industry.

He set forth important tasks to serve as guidelines for operating the factory.

The factory is the shining fruition of the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance which its officials, workers and technicians enshrined as faith, he noted, calling on the people to fully display the above-said spirit and thus thoroughly establish juche in all fields of revolution and construction at all times and solve all the issues by themselves.

He was accompanied by Kang Yang Mo, chief secretary of the Nampho City Committee of the WPK, Kim Ki Nam and Hong Sok Hyong, members of the Political Bureau and secretaries of the C.C. the WPK, Kim Kyong Hui, member of the Political Bureau and department director of the C.C., the WPK, Pak To Chun and Thae Jong Su, alternate members of the Political Bureau and secretaries of the C.C., the WPK, and Ju Kyu Chang, alternate member of the Political Bureau and department director of the C.C., the WPK.

Kim Chong-il inspects products at the Nampo Glass Bottle Factory (Photo: KCNA)

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