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NDC/CMC Banquet

KCNA reported on 24 December 2010 that Kim Chong-il attended a banquet co-hosted by the National Defense Commission and Central Military Commission “on the occasion of the 19thanniversary” of his appointment as KPA Supreme Commander.  […]

Jan, 04
Jong Un’s Mother’s Birthplace

Jong Un’s Mother’s Birthplace

The Japanese magazine AERA has published a photograph and feature on the birthplace and early childhood home of Kim Chong-un’s mother, Ko Yong-hui.  Madame Ko was born Ko Chun-haeng in Tsuruhashi, Osaka, Japan in 1952.  […]

Dec, 07

KJI’s 148 Guidance Tours (so far) in 2010

According to the ROK Unification Ministry, Kim Chong-il has made 148 visits in 2010. 58 of those tours were to economic locales in the DPRK.  KCI has been reported by the DPRK media as having […]

Dec, 07

KJU: 50-odd Days Later

The DPRK press reported on 20 November (Saturday) that Kim Jong Il and hereditary successor, Kim Jong Un, attended a commemorative photo session with members of the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces.  Chosun Ilbo wrote […]

Nov, 21
Who’s Afraid of Ko Yong Hui?

Who’s Afraid of Ko Yong Hui?

  Despite all of the DPRK’s activity around the hereditary succession of Kim Jong Un, missing from the narratives and rumors is any word of Ko Yong Hui.  Ko was KJI’s 4th wife and the […]

Oct, 21
Jong Nam on Jong Un

Jong Nam on Jong Un

Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Il’s eldest son and step-brother of hereditary successor Kim Jong Un told Japan’s Asahi TV that he has no interest in becoming the next DPRK leader.  “Personally, I am against […]

Oct, 12

KJI and KJU Review KPA Parade

    Kim Jong Il reviewed a Pyongyang military parade held on the 65th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Workers’ Party.  Attending the parade review with him was son and hereditary successor, Kim […]

Oct, 10


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