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FIFA Requesting Information on DPRK World Cup Team Chastisement

FIFA Requesting Information on DPRK World Cup Team Chastisement

FIFA’s chief has sent a letter to the DPRK requesting information and clarification about whether its World Cup team was subjected to a public criticism session when they returned to the home country.  It was […]

Aug, 11
Urminzokkiri’s You Tube Channel

Urminzokkiri’s You Tube Channel

[youtube=]One of the DPRK’s official websites seems to have signed up for a YouTube account.  The channel “urminzokkiri” appeared on 14 July with video tributes to Kim Jong Il, denials of sinking the Cheonan, and […]

Aug, 10

ROK Begins Anti-sub Drills in West Sea

The ROK military commenced five (5) days of anti-submarine drills in the West Sea on Thursday (5 August).  The exercises are being conducted to bolster ROK defense capabilities, following the sinking of the Cheonan in […]

Aug, 05
30 Additional Box Mines Found

30 Additional Box Mines Found

30 additional box mines were discovered near Ganghwa Island bringing the total to 66 wooden box land mines that have turned up at the DPRK-ROK border.  On Saturday one man was killed and his fishing […]

Aug, 03

Kim Jong Il’s Horse Power

Kim Jong Il has purchased nine (9) Orlov Trotter from the Altai Stud Farm in the Altai Republic (territory) in south central Siberia.  ITAR TASS reports that the DPRK officials responsible for the purchase of […]

Aug, 02

Box Mines Discovered Near DPRK-ROK Border

A 45-year old South Korean man was killed Saturday (31 July) and his 25-year old companion was injured when a wooden box land mine they found while fishing exploded.  The box land mines were part […]

Aug, 01

DPRK World Cup Team Subjected to Public Criticism Session

The DPRK’s World Cup team, including head coach Kim Jong-hun, were reportedly subjected to a public criticism session, attended by 400 DPRK Party and government officials, People’s Athletes and students from the country’s sports colleges.  […]

Jul, 28


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