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DPRK Conducts 6th Nuclear Test

The DPRK conducted its sixth nuclear test at (NKST) on September 3 (Sunday). ¬†According to the Nuclear Weapons Institute’s report: Scientists in the nuclear field of the DPRK successfully carried out a test of H-bomb […]

Sep, 04

DPRK Premier Visits Farms in North P’yo’ngan Province

DPRK state media reported on 8 July (Tuesday) that Cabinet Premier Pak Pong Ju (Pak Pong-chu) visited Chimhyang Cooperative Farm in Cho’ngju and the U’nha Cooperative Farm in Unjo’n County, as well as Sinu’iju Chemical […]

Jul, 09

DPRK Premier Visits Taean Heavy Machine Complex and other sites

DPRK state media reported on 23 June (Monday) that Premier Pak Pong Ju visited the construction of a mushroom farm, toured areas effected by drought in South Hwanghae Province and the Taean Heavy Machine Complex. […]

Jun, 23


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