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Premier's Mea Culpa and Reappearances

According to several reports, DPRK Premier Kim Yong-il took one for the team on the currency redenomination.  Premier Kim apologized “about the currency reform as we pushed ahead with it without sufficient preparation and it […]

Feb, 11
Pak Man's Fate

Pak Man's Fate

Pak Nam-gi has not appeared in the North Korean media since a rally on 9 January.   But there remains no definitive confirmation that he was dismissed from his position.  A report about Mr. Pak’s vagrancy […]

Feb, 04
Morningstar Blips

Morningstar Blips

January 8, 2010 may have been a holiday in the DPRK, after all.  In a report about a barter system taking effect among North Korean citizens, a source talking to Daily NK said,“On January 8, […]

Jan, 21

Revaluation Reflux

In the latest installment of “For the Love of Money“ Choson Sinbo features several stories about the DPRK’s “currency exchange” which may be the closest thing Pyongyang watchers get to an official announcement.  Choson Sinbo […]

Dec, 07

Revaluation's Fall Guy

He doesn’t look much like Lee Majors, but DPRK Premier Kim Yong-il is identified by Choson Ilbo as taking the hit for the currency revaluation.  2009 has been a banner year for Premier Kim who […]

Dec, 04
Money, it's a Gas

Money, it's a Gas

Daily NK reports that the currency change under way in the DPRK was announced at 14:00 by the radio broadcasts directly piped into the homes of North Korean citizens.  Street markets have remained shuttered since […]

Dec, 03


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