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2024 Chronology of North Korean Missile and Military Events

The following is a rolling chronology of ballistic missile events (drills and test firings), military engagement and external military exercises and tests (US-ROK, US-JP and US-ROK-JP) that occur in and around the the Korean Peninsula, related open source intelligence issues, and other relevant topics of interest. Events will be listed (by date) in reverse chronological order.

As of 2 February 2024, the DPRK has neither been observed nor reported to have conducted its seventh nuclear test.


2 February

MA Spokesman on Cruise Missile Super-large Warhead Power Test and New-type Anti-aircraft Missile Test-fire

View of a SAM test conducted by the Missile Administration on the morning of 2 February 2024 (Photo: KCNA

DPRK Missile Administration conducts a power test of a “super-large warhead” on a cruise missile and test fire of a new model of surface-to-air missile [SAM] along the West Sea at around 11:00 AM KST.  The Missile Administration described the tests as “normal activities of the administration and its affiliated defense science institutes for the rapid development of the technologies in various aspects such as function, performance and operation of new-type weapon systems and had nothing to do with the regional situation.”


Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Nampho Dockyard

KJU inspects the Namp’o Dockyard on or around 1 February 2024 (Photo: KCNA).

1 February

KJU visits Namp’o Dockyard for a field inspection and guidance of shipbuilding and boosting the assets of the KPA Navy



Graphic showing recent North Korean cruise missile events (Photo: Yonhap)

30 January

KPA General Staff leads a drill of Hwasal-2 cruise missiles around 7:00 KST near the West (Yellow) Sea which the GSD says made “a contribution to checking the KPA’s rapid counterattack posture and improving its strategic striking capability”


Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Guides Test-fire of Submarine-launched Strategic Cruise Missile

Kim Jong Un watches a test firing of the Pulhwasal 3-31 cruise missile on the morning of 28 January from Sinp’o, South Hamgyo’ng. Also in attendance are WPK Organizational Affairs Secretary Jo Yong Won, WPK Secretary and Munitions Industry Department Director Jo Chun Ryong, WPK Secretary for Military Affairs Pak Jong Chon, KPA Navy Commander ADM Kim Myong Sik and MID deputy director Kim Jong Sik (Photo: KCNA).

28 January

KJU inspects and guides KPA Navy test firing of the Pulhwasal-3-31 cruise missile at around 8:00 KST from Sinp’o, South Hamgyo’ng


26 January

Final Day of the US-ROK Cyber Alliance Drill held at ROK Cyber Operation Command focused on hacking and cybersecurity


24 January

Several Pulhwasal-3-31 cruise missiles test fired around 7:00 AM KST from Pyongyang toward Yellow (West) Sea


19 January

Underwater Weapon System Institute of the DPRK Academy of Defense Sciences (a/k/a SANS) tests the “Haeil-5-23” UUV in response to US-ROK-JP trilateral exercises



USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Trilateral Exercise 2024

AT SEA (Jan. 16, 2024) From right to left, the Sejong the Great-class guided-missile destroyer ROKS Sejong the Great (DDG-991) from the Republic of Korea Navy, the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton (CG 59), the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd (DDG 100), sail together during a trilateral exercise, Jan. 16. The exercise allowed maritime forces from Japan, Republic of Korea, and U.S. to train together to enhance coordination on maritime domain awareness and other shared security interests. Vinson, flagship of Carrier Strike Group ONE, is deployed to the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Isaiah B. Goessl)


17 January

Final Day (Day Three) of trilateral naval exercises off the southwest coast of Cheju Island ROK


16 January

Day Two of US-ROK-JP naval exercises off the southwest coast of Cheju Island ROK


15 January

Day One of trilateral US-ROK-JP naval exercises off the southwest coast of Cheju Island ROK


DPRK 14 January 2024 IRBM test near Pyongyang (Photo: KCNA)


14 January

Intermediate-range ballistic missile [IRBM] launched around 14:55 KST from Pyongyang to East Sea (Sea of Japan) which the DPRK Missile General Bureau announces on 15 January was a solid-fuel hypersonic IRBM test


11 January

ROK Agency for Defense Development tests modified version of Korean Tactical Surface to Surface Missile [KTSSSM-1] in Taean County ROK (publicized on 12 January 2024)


7 January

IV Army Corps fires about 90 shells off the DPRK’s southwest coast from 16:00 tp 17:0 KST


6 January

IV Army Corps continues artillery drill firing about 60 shells for an hour from 16:00 KST into the West Sea which splash down on the DPRK side of the NLL


5 January

IV Army Corps fires nearly 200 artillery shells into the West Sea from 9:00 t0 11:00 KST from Changsan and Tungsan Capes tiggering take shelter orders on ROK islands near the NLL

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