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DPRK Premier Surveys the Hamgyo’ng Provinces

Kim Tok Hon inspects storm recovery work (Photo: KCNA)

DPRK Premier Kim Tok Hun (Kim Tok-hun) toured South and North Hamgyo’ng Provinces, inspecting various storm recovery projects.  According to state media, “builders and service personnel are effecting innovations in the reconstruction sites, bearing in mind the intention of the Party Central Committee to provide the people in the flood-hit areas with better houses and a better environment.”

Kim Tok Hun talks with officials while inspecting storm recovery work in the Hamgyo’ng Provinces (Photo: Minju Joson/KCNA).

In South Hamgyo’ng KTH visited Hongwo’n and Pukch’o’ng Counties and visited the city of Sinp’o and “underscored the need to ensure the best quality while speeding up construction and fully meeting the requirements of designs and construction in all work.”

DPRK Premier Kim Tok Hun in briefed about the Ch’o’ngjin Port (Photo: Rodong Sinmun/KCNA).

Kim Tok Hun also visited Ch’o’ngjin and Myo’nggan County in North Hamgyo’ng, stopping through at Kim Ch’aek Iron and Steel Complex, Myo’nggang Chemical Factory and Ch’o’ngjin Port.  In Hamgyongbuk, he learned “in detail about the building of dwelling houses and rehabilitation in the fields of the national economy and stresses the need for all the commanding officials to more scrupulously conduct the organizational and political work for the successful completion of the rehabilitation campaign.”

Consultative meetings “discusses the measures to effectively use building materials, fully ensure the transport of the work force and materials, and reinforce and provide a scientific guarantee for building strong structures for protecting coasts and rivers, enough to withstand any tidal waves and typhoons.”

Wait.  What?

Kim Tok Hun’s travels took him through Sinpho, location of the Sinpo South Shipyard.  There is a very good chance that this facility to some degree (from a list of or report about shipyard and defense industry facilities in the area to a specific briefing about the shipyard itself) was discussed at one of Kim’s consultative meetings.   There have been a lot of eyes on Sinp’o and and the Sinp’o South Shipyard and what may happen there.  This is probably as close as the DPRK leadership will come to the place (and its interesting activities) during the Party’s 75th anniversary.



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