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Workers’ Orgs Present Light Aircraft to KPA

Presentation ceremony participants from the central leadership line up at the beginning of the ceremony on September 4, 2018. WPK Vice Chairman Choe Hwi is seen 2nd right (Photo: Korean Central Television).

KCU and Youth League Members stand in front of Kim Il-so’ng and Kim Cho’ng-il portraits at the venue of the presentation ceremony (Photo: KCTV).

A presentation meeting of light aircraft to the Korean People’s Army [KPA] by workers’ and social organizations was held at an airstrip on September 4 (Tuesday) to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK.  Light aircraft models Sonyo’n (child), Nonggunmaeng (Union of Agricultural Workers) and Nyomaeng (women’s union) provided by the Youth League and Children’s Union, the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea [UAWK] and the Women’s Union were handed over to the KPA Air and Anti-Air Forces.

(Photo: KCTV)

(Photo: KCTV)

(Photo: KCTV)

Attending the ceremony were schoolchildren and students, agricultural workers, women’s union members, various workers’ organizations officials and KPA service members.  Also in attendance were Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Vice Chairman for Workers’ and Social Organizations Choe Hwi (Ch’oe Hwi), Chairman of the North P’yo’ngan WPK Provincial Committee Mun Kyong Dok (Mun Kyo’ng-tok), Chairwoman of the Women’s Union Central Committee Jang Chun Sil (Chang Chun-sil), 1st Secretary of the Youth League Central Committee Pak Chol Min (Pak Ch’o’l-min), UAWK Vice Chairman Kil Sang Bong (Kil Sang-pong) and other leading cadres.

A KCU member reads a speech during the ceremony (Photo: KCTV)

Youth League Members and KPA service members attend the presentation ceremony (Photo: KCTV)

(Photo: KCTV)

Certificates and speeches were read out.  After the speaking program, the presentation certification were handed over to a KPA Air and Anti-Air Forces commander.

Youth League members attend the ceremony (Photo: KCTV)

North Py’o’ngan WPK Provincial Committee Chairman Mun Kyong Dok, third from right, attends the ceremony (Photo: KCTV)


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