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PPJ Visits T’ongch’o’n Fishery Station and Dance School Construction

DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju tours the T’ongch’o’n Fishery Station (Photo: KCNA).

DPRK state media reported on November 25, 2017 that State Affairs Commission Vice-chairman and Premier Pak Pong Ju (Pak Pong-chu) inspected the T’ongch’o’n Fishery Station where he “encouraged its fishermen in their efforts for making big fish hauls despite the cold in winter, true to the Party’s call for glorifying the history of big fish hauls.” At the consultative meeting that was held, “measures were taken to make bigger fish hauls this year by staging scientific and intensive operations in a bolder manner and thus implement the Party’s fishing policy.” He also inspected the construction site of the National Dance School.

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