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5th Meeting of Party Cell Chairs to Convene

(Graphic: NK Leadership Watch).

The fifth conference of Party Cell Chairs will convene in Pyongyang during “late December.”  According to DPRK state media the conference “will analyze and review successes and experience gained in the work of Party cells during five years and discuss in detail the tasks and methods for successfully fulfilling their mission and duty in the campaign for implementing the decisions of the 7th Congress of the WPK.”  The conference will be an opportunity for Kim Jong Un and his close aides to discuss recent organizational and personnel changes promulgated during the second plenum of the 7th WPK Central Committee during October.

The last conference of party cell chairs (at that time called party cell secretaries) was during January and February 2013 and did little to impress the late Jang Song Taek.  Word to the wise; if you are attending the conference, avoid eye-rolling, apathetically applauding, slouching and dozing.


This article was written on 18 Dec 2017, and is filled under Central Committee, Korean Workers' Party (KWP).

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