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Pak Pong Ju Visits

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DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju views a truck manufactured at Su’ngri Automotive Complex in To’kch’o’n. Also in attendance (left) is Minister of Machine Building Industries Ri Jong Guk (Photo: Rodong Sinmun).

DPRK state media reported on March 11, 2017 the State Affairs Commission vice chair and DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju (Pak Pong-chu) visited Namhu’ng Youth Chemical Complex outside Anju, South P’yo’ngan Province. While he toured the production processes of the complex, “he encouraged the workers in the efforts to boost the fertilizer production.” A consultative meeting was held and “he organized the work to supply larger quantity of fertilizer to the socialist rural areas and urged the related units to satisfactorily provide raw materials to the complex.” Previous to this visit he also toured the Ch’o’llima Steel Complex near Namp’o at which “he underscored the need to increase the iron and steel production by cutting down iron production cost through the introduction of advantaged technology and putting the operation of Chuch’e based production processes on a normal footing in the field of metal industry.”

DPRK state media also reported on March 22, 2017 the State Affairs Commission vice chair and DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju toured the Su’ngri Automobile Complex in To’kch’o’n, South P’yo’ngan. He learned “in detail about production”. During the on the spot consultative meeting that was held, “he called for making efforts to implement the behests of the leaders and the Party policy in the do-or-die spirit like the creators of the spirit of Kangwo’n Province” and “measures were taken to accelerate the updating of the production processes and solve the issues arising in the serial production of lorries (Author note: trucks).” He also “discussed the measures to settle the issues arising in the further perfecting the processes of serial production of new-type tractor engines and improving the quality of hosiery to meet the tastes and requirements of the customers when inspecting the Sunch’o’n Engine Factory and Pyongyang Hosiery Factory.”
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