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NDC Policy Department Issues Statement Trashing ROK for Artillery Drill

Seen here is a coastal stronghold in the North Korean county of Kangnyong on the west coast. This is a file photo taken from Yeonpyeong Island. (Photo: Yonhap)

Seen here is a coastal stronghold in the North Korean county of Kangnyong on the west coast. This is a file photo taken from Yeonpyeong Island. (Photo: Yonhap)

The National Defense Commission [NDC] Policy Department issued a statement on November 24 (Tuesday) upbraiding the ROK military for holding live-fire artillery drills in the West (Yellow) Sea on November 23 (Monday) the fifth anniversary of the artillery shelling on Yo’np’yo’ng Island.  The NDC Policy Department described the drills as “one more anti-DPRK confrontation farce.”  According to KCNA, the NDC Policy Department’s statement said:

On Nov. 23 the south Korean military authorities staged a reckless artillery firing drill in the hotspot of the West Sea of Korea.

For fear of the retaliatory spirit and retaliation of our servicepersons in the southwestern sector of the front, they retracted their plan for live shell firing toward waters of the DPRK side but staged a firing drill in the waters around the five islands in the West Sea, the most acute area. This was the most vicious military provocation aimed at confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north and a reckless saber-rattling by those who are oblivious of the defeat they suffered five years ago.

What was more serious is a “memorial service on the fifth anniversary” held in Seoul, another anti-DPRK confrontation farce.

Attending the service were the authorities including the prime minister and the defense minister and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the chief of staff of the three services and other political and military bellicose elements of south Korea and even the commander of the south Korea-U.S. combined forces.

At the “service” they didn’t utter a word of apology for the fact that they provoked the Yo’np’yo’ng Island shelling incident, but made absurd remarks aimed to shift the blame for it onto the DPRK.

What enraged us is that they conducted without hesitation such horrible deeds as tearing the flag of the DPRK and hurting the dignity of its supreme leadership, a sin to be punished by Heaven.

They even used reptile media to spread sheer lies that their shelling in the incident left ten-odd soldiers of the KPA dead and tens heavily wounded.

The gravity of the situation lies in that the above-said confrontation farce was staged under the direct wire-pulling of Ch’o’ng’wadae.
As soon as the chief executive of Ch’o’ng’wadae came back from her foreign trip, she incited the fever of confrontation with the DPRK in her “video message”, in which she expressed “condolence” on the dead provokers of the Yo’np’yo’ng Island shelling incident and called for “rapid counteraction to any provocation by the north” and “perfect military preparedness”.

After all, the south Korean authorities clearly showed again that their hostile and confrontation “policy towards the north” still remains unchanged.

It is as clear as noonday what results such confrontation racket they staged when various pending issues between the north and the south are put on the agenda, will bring about.

We will follow the south Korean authorities’ attitude.

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