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DPRK Changes Agriculture Minister

Outgoing Minister of Agriculture, Kim Chang-sik

Yi Kyong-sik has replaced Kim Chang-sik as Minister of Agriculture, Kyodo News Service reported last week.  Yi penned an article about the country’s desire to boost agricultural production in Rodong Sinmun and was identified in that position.  Kim and Yi have seemed to trade the Agricultural Minister’s position since 2001.  Kim Chang-sik replaced Yi around January 2009.  Yi served as Agricultural Minister from 2003 to late 2008.  In 2003 Yi Kyong-sik replaced Kim Chang-sik, who served as minister from 2001 to 2003.  Kim was a survivor of the State Security Department enquiry and purges of the ministry and its party apparatus during the 1990s.


This article was written on 10 Jan 2011, and is filled under DPRK Cabinet, North Korean press, social control.

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