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Kim Jong Un Attends Live Fire Drills with KJI


Kim Jong Un (L) poses for a commemorative photograph during his attendance of KPA Unit 851's drills. Also pictured are NDC Vice Chairman and MPAF VMAR Kim Yong Chun (2nd L), GSD Chief and CMC Vice Chairman VMAR Ri Yong Ho (2nd) and KJI (R) (Photo:KCNA)


KCNA reported that Kim Jong Un, Vice Chairman of the Party’s Central Military Commission, attended artillery drills conducted by KPA Unit 851.  Jong Un, KJI’s hereditary successor, joined his father, aunt (Kim Kyong Hui) and other members of the DPRK leadership for the exercises.


A commemorative photo taken as part of KPA Unit 851's live fire artillery drills. Among the personalities in the photograph are: Kim Kyong Hui (2nd R), DPRK Premier Choe Yong Rim (5th R), GSD Chief VMAR Ri Yong Ho (5th L) and CMC Vice Chairman Gen. Kim Jong Un (3rd L) (photo: KCNA)


Pyongyang watchers might also see Kim Jong Un in attendance at the country’s upcoming military parade in Pyongyang.  The parade will be held to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Workers’ Party.  Equipment and personnel have been steadily gathering at Mirim Airport in east Pyongyang.  The military parade will supposedly involve 15,000 KPA service members and 200 pieces of equipment.


The Mirim Airport in east Pyongyang is the locale where the KPA has gathered some 200 peices of military equipment and 15,000 KPA service members for a large military parade slated to occur in Pyongyang around the 65th birthday of the Korean Workers' Party (Photo: GoogleEarth)


Chosun Ilbo has obtained a photograph which it says is from June 2009.  The photo depicts Kim Jong Un posing for a commemorative photograph at a DPRK military base, where Jong Un reportedly tested a newly constructed tank.


A photo which Chosun Ilbo reports is Kim Jong Un (circled) posing for a commemorative photograph "after test-driving a newly developed tank in a military camp near Pyongyang in June last year" (Photo: KCNA & Chosun Ilbo)


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