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Kwak Pom Gi New Party Chief in South Hamgyong

Kim Jong Il touring the 8 February Vinalon Complex. A man resembling Kwak Pom Gi, new chief party secretary in South Hamgyong Province, is 2nd R (Photo: KCNA)

Kwak Pom Gi has replaced Thae Jong Su as Chief KWP Provincial Secretary in South Hamgyong.   Kwak was identified as the Party chief in South Hamgyong in a 2 August (Monday) KCNA report about Kim Jong Il’s visit to the 8 February Vinalon Complex.  Kwak was recalled as the country’s Vice Premier during the 3rd session of the 12th SPA in June of this year.  He had served as Vice Premier since 1998.  From 1993 to 1998 he was Vice Minister of the Machine Building Industries. He was elected a candidate (alternate) member of the Party Central Committee at its last known plenum meeting (21st) on 8 December 1993.    Kwak’s predecessor, Thae Jong Su, has been identified as a Central Party department director, and has escorted Kim Jong Il on guidance tours.  Thae may be the final replacement for missing CC KWP Financial Planning Director, Pak Nam Gi.

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