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June Magazines

Korea has two pieces on Kim Jong Il’s activities.  One is an unsigned account of KJI’s visit to the Kim Il Sung University E-library, and Choe Kwang Ho wrote an essay on KJI’s neverending tour.  Kim Yu Gyong writes about the “refurbished” Hyangsan Hotel, which KJI visited earlier this year. Choe Kwang Ho profiled Ham Ui Yon, who was one of the architects of such Pyongyang landmarks as the Grand People’s Study House, East Pyongyang Grand Theater and Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace, as well as projects “built or under construction in Malaysia, Namibia and Kenya.”    Hong Hun wrote and photographed some of the country’s nursery schools, and Yon Ok wrote about a piano prodigy, presumably to mark Children Day (which North Korea celebrated on 1 June).   Pak Song wrote about and photographed the State Symphony Orchestra and Ri Kwang Song wrote about and photographed the works of a Pyongyang tailor.  Jin Yong Ho wrote about Junggu College and the country’s participation in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is recapped.

Ham Ui Yon

Korea Today‘s Kim Ja Yong has a brief essay on the ten year anniversary of the 15 June declaration.  There are several articles related to Children’s Day.  Ki Yong Nam wrote an essay titled “Laudable View on Rising Generation.”  Ryu Un Hui wrote about an office that produces teaching materials:

The researchers and editors of the studio, mostly young people aged around 30 on average, have worked with untiring energy to make good teaching aids that meet the requirements of the IT era.Their job is beset with difficulties. Besides sitting in front of computers, they plunge into the realities of life to get fresh and down-to-earth materials. They would visit the Central Botanical Garden and many greenhouses to get photos of flowers coming into bloom, go up steep, rugged mountains, cross rivers and plow through rough seas to collect photographic data for compiling teaching aids of geography.

Sim Yong Jin has a short piece on the Athletic Library in Mangyongdae’s sports village, which opened in December, 2009.

State Symphony Orchestra

Sim Hyon Jin wrote about the CNC-ification at Chollima Steel Complex.  Ji Nam Il wrote about a food factory in Pyongsong, and Kim Chol Nam wrote about the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, “the pacemaker” in the “great revolutionary upsurge.”  Does “one match for a 100 fighters” carry over to boxing?  Ji Ryong Bom wrote an essay on the women boxers of the Ministry of Commerce.  Perhaps the North Koreans are planning to participate in the first sanctioned woman’s bouts at the 2012 Olympics.  Ki Yong Ho wrote a profile about the Ko “family of intellectuals” whose patriarch “returned to the socialist fatherland” on “the 56th repatriation ship.”

Both Korea and Korea Today set aside space to commemorate the Korean Workers’ Party’s 65th anniversary emphasizing Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary activities (historic and machinated)iin the 1920’s.  Korea has a retrospective on the DIUKorea Today has an essay entitled “New Principles in Party Founding” and Kim Su Ryon wrote a biographical essay about Kim Chol Ju.

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