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Mass Rally in Pyongyang

Mass rally in KIS Square broadcast on NK television on 30 May 2010 (Photo: KCNA via

On 30 May 2010 KCTV broadcast a mass rally held on Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, and ostensibly organized as a popular reaction to Cheonan-based tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  100,000 Pyongyang citizens mobilized by the Workers Orgs. or their workplace (such as the Pyongyang Daily Necessities Factory) were reported to have attended the event, which was presided over by Choe Yong-rim, Chief Secretary of the Pyongyang Municipal KWP Committee.  Also in attendance were KWP Secretary of International Affairs Choe Tae Bok, KWP Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland Kim Ki Nam and SPA Vice President Yang Hyong Sop.

KCNA reports on what it described as “a mass meeting”:

Choe Yong Rim, chief secretary of the Pyongyang City Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said in his report at the meeting that the inter-Korean relations have been driven into total collapse and a touch-and-go situation, in which a war may break out any moment, is prevailing in the Korean Peninsula due to unprecedented anti-DPRK moves and smear campaign escalated by the south Korean puppet warmongers in collusion with the U.S. and Japanese aggressors.

The case of south Korea’s warship sinking is an unpardonable treacherous and anti-reunification crime as it was the hideous charade and farce cooked up by the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in collusion with the U.S. imperialists from A to Z, he pointed out.

He further said:

The Lee group of traitors linked the case with the DPRK. This is a conspiratorial plot intended to tide over the serious ruling crisis caused by the total failure of the group’s domestic and foreign policies, turn the “elections to local self-governing bodies” favorable for it and thus maintain its fascist rule and push the inter-Korean relations into catastrophe. Therefore, it is no more than the last-ditch efforts of those driven to death.

Mass rally in Pyongyang, May, 2010 Mass rally in KIS Square broadcast on NK television on 30 May 2010 (Photo: KCNA via

Juche Tower seen in the background of a Pyongyang rally broadcast on NK television on 30 May 2010 (Photo: KCNA via

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